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LDS Preparedness Guidance – Hygiene and Sanitation

LDS - Hygiene and Sanitation

Man: Last week’s was last was water preservation and storage. This week’s is on hygiene and sanitation, or as I’ve subtitled it: Where you go when you have to go and you got nowhere to go? Couple of things will really a cover of this, in this section, are: could see a reality? I’ve always used my toilet, it’s never failed me. Why we need to talk about this? After water, sanitation really is a top priority, is one of the things that few people thing about, but it really is a priority of things that we do need to consider.

What kind of infection and diseases are caused by unsanitary conditions? And the other question is, and we’ve be talking about this with most people, they say “What is wrong if we dig a hole? “ “Can I do that?” There is some problems with doing that. So there are some options to discuss some kind of toilet options, latrine options or can you dig a hole? And if you did, how would you do that? And I don’t mean use a shovel – there are other options that way.

And I want to talk about the trash. One of things about sanitation, and we’ll discuss after, if there should be an earthquake or major disaster or some sort, one of the first things that’s stops happening is regular the traffic that stops. Roads could be broken, those kinds of things and so, traffic may become an issue. What do we do with the mounting mountains of trash? And I don’t suggest like the gentlemen who live in Berkley, who stored all this trash a year, did you hear about that?

Public: Yeah.

Man: Yeah? Some guy has decided that he was, he would store all this trash for a year, he’s not gonna throw it away and kept it in his one bedroom apartment, for the entire year. Yeah, did that sound pleasant. No this isn’t sound pleasant but he learned a lot of that way, actually looking on his website and I learn a little as well.

And will talk a little about personal hygiene, showering, washing your hands and those kind of things. I know that kind of thing’s simple but this is an emergency, level 1 class so that’s why we’ll keep it simple.

Could this be a reality? What is the possibility that I you may not be able to use your bathroom in your house? Well, the ancient… Let’s go back and talk about the system that we do have in our house. The ancient system’s there for removing human waste , cause as long we have humans, we have human waste and they, you know, they will go out by a rock or a tree and the soon they start moving in the cities, it become a little more complicated. The early system’s where no more than just frost in the street. And you will have your little chamber, but you’ll pour it down the window and it would just float down the street. And then when floating down the street in your drinking water, that’s why people were so sick in the Middle Ages.

The Romans though, had a very good idea, they actually started making clay pipes, some of them, and they will use fresh water, that was constantly running, to wash away the human refuse and flush it out into a reservoir system. Some of the clay pipes that Romans used are still in use today. It was a simple system, fresh water in, gravity fed; all are out in the other end. Very nice, very simple. They still work with the same, that system, some the system work today. But they are relayed, our system works the very same way: fresh water in and the most of all will think about it, that the water goes in the back of your toilet tank is the same water that comes out in your kitchen, it’s fresh water, you can drink it if you wanted to. I don’t recommend it – the toilet tank is not something you clean very often, but you could drink the water that comes out of it.

So there’s a fresh water system, fresh water in, a little flat on quality, open it up, it whisks it away and we never see him again. Unless you happened to work in sanitation department and I’ve spoken to the few people who do and that’s why I got some of the information for what I will share you tonight. So when you have a system of freshwater caring in and cohesive system that caries it away. What could disrupt that system so that we wouldn’t necessitate having to do something other than using our bathroom?

Well think about it for a system, for a second. You have fresh water coming in, there several of things that could disturb that fresh water system. An earthquake breaks the pipes, no fresh water coming in. Power failure, most of the water that we receive here in South of California, is delivered to us via pumps. The pressure water pressure is, the water is pumped in your home and that water pressure is maintained through electrical pumps so if there is a long period of electricity, unavailable electricity – those water pumps may or may not work. They have redounded systems, with backup systems that make work, but it is a possibility: broken pipes or power outage.

Social unrest, one of the things that can happen in riots and those kind of things: people break off fire hydrants. The fire hydrants system are in a secondary system connected to the fresh water system that we all drink, so if enough fire hydrants are broken and they have to shut off enough water systems, it’s possible that the will not be any fresh water delivered to your house. No fresh water in, no bad water out. Also terrorism – terrorism in some of the aspects from what I read from the government, they can and have planned on attacking our water supply, putting bacteria or putting things in our water supply.

How many of you have driven to Las Vegas? Drive over what’s called the California aqueduct? You’ve seen it before, and then the water that comes to your home, some not all of it, but then in South of California, travels in this large aqueducts its open to the air. And anybody else who wants to throw in a dead coyote, or whatever else – they can do it.

And so those systems there are treated before it’s comes to us, but is possibility and if our water system was taken, the powers that be could or may have to shut down water supply for a period of time to make sure that it is sanitary. And so, there are lots of reasons why the water of your house could be shut off and therefor you will not be able to have fresh water that comes in to use in your bathroom. That does not mean that you can’t use a lot’s of other ideas. You have a pool? You take the pool water, put it in the back of your tank, and flush it. But you have to do something outside of your normal day-to-day push the button, flush and get those all away.

The other things that can do it, we talked about earthquakes: if does pipes that lead from your house are damaged or broken, eventually that system will start to back up. We also live in an area that is fairly flat so all that comes out from house, some of which is gravity fed, most of which is the pumps. And we pump our refuse in Orange County – most of the system is gravity fed but it is pumped through cleaning stations. From that cleaning station, once the water has been treated is pumped off shore. Those are all electrical pumps and so that popping system stops, you may have plenty of fresh going in, but when you flush the handle, nothing goes out. In fact eventually it will start to backup and then it will be a very bad situation.

So start thinking at that little white throne that you sit on and so thoughtlessly as we sit there and thumb through our magazines, and try to read the daily newspaper or whatever you may choose to do while you’re in there. My father used to be in there for hours and I could never figure out why and now that I have 4 children I realize why: it’s the one place that you can lock the door and they can’t get you. And they really don’t want come in. Any of you have live in an area…?


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