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LDS Preparedness Guidance – Hygiene and Sanitation pt4

LDS - Hygiene and Sanitation

So when it came to trash, trash and more trash. Has anyone had an environment where the trash collection stop’s coming? No? You have though. And? How quickly does the trash pile up in your neighborhood? Fairly quickly? That could get really ugly, I remember in the ’70 they have the trash piling up in New York and they, you know, just trash on the sidewalk piling up deep.

When you have trash stoking up like that, you know, the similar problem that you have is not dealing with human waste. Not the waste that comes through you, waste it’s comes from you. The similar kinds of diseases, bacteria’s, problems, sicknesses are caused for having trash around. Not to mention, having those types of trash around invites rodents, possums and all kinds of things that go with it. There basically two kinds of trash that we generate. If you think about it, the two kinds of trash that we have is, one is garbage, they refer to it as garbage. That’s food stuffs, left over from meals, cleaning from dishes, those king of food stuffs. Those king of garbage.

That garbage can be dealt with fairly easily in that you can create a compost pile. Those people who had garden in their homes, probably started to compost pile. If you, or like I am in a little apartment complex, I don’t have a compost pile? I could certainly start one easy enough from all my trash. If you take that garbage and put it into compost pile, keep it secure and work it as a compost pile, you’ll take what would have been trash and garbage and refuse and turn it into something productive for growing plants and everything else. That process, by the way, generates its own heat. That heat on the compost pile kills that bacteria that are in the garbage that you throw out and so it’s kind of a self-sustaining, self-clean system, I guess is the best way to put it.

Sorry; I skipped one of the things: you can use it for food garbage. That is you can used to feed pets. If you have pets, dogs, cats, those kinds of things, you can use that and after the cat food or dog food is run out, you can use that to feed your pet. The answer that my child gave to me when I was talking about this is: “Well dad, our cat won’t eat that.” I said: “After three days, with not having anything to eat, the cat will eat you.” So the cat will be thankful for whatever you may give it.

After you’re done with the garbage, there is trash: paper, plastic, tin cans, those kinds of things. The best way to deal with those types of items is to clean them out and reuse them. Reuse paper plates, if you need to, for writing, for leaving messages on people houses or whatever you need to do with them. For lighting fires, for insolation, you can use all of the paper products. We are a society now of, where everything you get is more and more packed, so it’s entirely possible that the food packaging that you’re eating has never actually touched any food – it’s just paper with cardboard or some king of plastic lining on it. That can be used, folded flat, and reused for various purposes.

Store lots of toilet paper. Very little works the same way as toilet paper does or as efficiently as toilet paper does. And if you don’t have toilet paper, you will gonna start finding out how bad it is not to have it. We don’t have Sears catalogs anymore, so you gonna have to use the paper out of the phonebook, or the newspaper. Then you got all king of different cleaning issues in that way.

And lastly, I want to cover personal hygiene. We’ll talk a little bit about having soap on hand and having toilet paper on hand. One of the things you can’t have too much of is some bleach, just basic household chlorine bleach. A 5 % solution of bleach mixed with water will be just about enough to clean almost any surface. And kill it – kill the bacteria or those kinds of things that you have in there. So a little water with 5% solution of bleach will kill most bacteria and the things that will grow. While cleaning those toilets or those kinds of things, clean your hands just make sure that you use something to rinse it off. Chlorine will burn you if you have too much of it.

So having chlorine around and bleach around and sufficient numbers to take of your needs is also a very good idea. The other thing that you want to do, and we talked about, flushing your potty using something other than the water that comes in. Almost anything, in the bat cave over here, the privacy shelter that I have, has a little 5 gallon shower, solar shower. That 5 gallon shower is enough if you include dishes, for two people to take a warm shower. You can catch the water that you use from that, like putting in some king of base down and catch that water that comes of washing. Once that water comes off of you, you certainly can’t drink it, but you certainly can use to flush a toilet. And so you wanna catch that kind of water. You can use the water from canned corn or water that comes out peas when you open your cans of peas. You can store that water in a jar or something. You probably not gonna want to brush your teeth with it, but you certainly could use it to flush your potty.

And then the recommendation is that you should shower only once a week. It depends on how hard you’re working and how close you’re staying to people. And then using what they refer to his PTA showers in between. You don’t know what PTA shower is, ask my mother – she’ll love to talk to you about the term. There are also things there on the market: there are self-heating disposal washcloths or baby wipes. You can use those too to keep yourself clean in between: for washing hands, for washing your body – those things don’t require water.

And you should have something like this, or one of these, in your 72 hour kit or your car or something like that. This is a personal hygiene kit. Personal hygiene kit. We all often think – we’re leaving and about shelter and a place. But think about if your house is on fire and you have a league, like we have the fire in the hillside, you will not gonna go live in the mountains, you’re not gonna go pitch a tent like Jeremiah Johnson – you will be in a hotel. Or at your aunt’s house, or your friend who lives down the street, or you will gonna go to stay at a church member’s house in another state. You’re not gonna need a tent. You’re gonna need a washcloth, you’re gonna need a razor, a toothbrush. So having things like this, you can by this commercially, which has, you know, as small toilet paper, has feminine hygiene products, the baby wipes, the towels I told you about, razors, tissues.

So those kinds of things. And you can get these, by the way, and male and female versions, which are all female products and things for women, things for men. Or you can make this your own. Wherever there is a bag, put them where you need to go, so that when you arrive there you’ll have the personal hygiene products that you need. So when it’s comes to your personal hygiene, both, sanitation-wise and personal hygiene, that’s one of the things that could and should be a top priority in your preparation. It’s something we give very little thought, but if something were to happen it would be a priority in a hurry.


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