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LDS Preparedness Guidance – Hygiene and Sanitation pt3

LDS - Hygiene and Sanitation

The other problem we have is you can’t, you can’t just put human waste into a hole. It will break down very much, so you need it to treat it with something. The easy thing to treat with is ash from a fire. You just put the pot ash on top of it from an actual fire and it will start to break it down, covering the smell. So that is another thing you could do to put it on there. So most of those things help with that problem. So if you’re gonna put chemicals into to a hole, and go back to the water channel as you put chemicals in the hole, goes in the water cable, you’re gonna be discovered and they’re going to stop you from doing that in pretty short order.

So if you can’t go in your backyard and you can’t dig a hole… What are you gonna do? Couple of options: Well depends on why your toilet isn’t working. If your toilet’s not working, because there’s no income flow, as I said before, if you have a pool, fine. Take the water, put it in, out it flows – not a problem. Don’t pour it into the tank, by the way. You will want to pour it straight into the hole. The reason is the tank holds about two and a half gallons of water. You don’t need all that to flush something away. You could just take a 5 gallon bucket or so pour the water, that will cause the cycle effect – it will all wash out. So if you got no fresh water supply, you can use water from washing dishes, water from just about everything that’s rather clean, that you can use to flush down the system.

You can also, if there is no water available, or the pipes are broken and the water won’t evacuate out of it, you can use your toilet as is – scoop out some or most of the water, using a scoop – remember, I told you the water is clean. The seat and what goes around it probably not clean, but the toilet itself is clean. You could scoop out the water out of that and just put in a 13 gallon or so trash bag and use the facilities as you would normally, realizing that it’s not going to be very sanitary or very pleasant smelling, but at least you have the comfort of sitting on your own throne.

Then you need to tie up those bags, tie them up securely and you can, then you can go bury those in your yard, or stack them in some place. You can put those in some place until later use. The people will tell you that those plastic bags last forever – so they won’t degrade very much. They will degrade over time, they will break down – most of them have chemicals in them that cause them to break down, but in the short term, those chemicals won’t breakdown very quickly. If you store them out in the sunlight, it’ll be probably 3 or 4 months before they would rot away to the point where they would be a concern. You cloud double bag them and keep that as a way of taking carrying of them.

The other, the other option is, when you’re doing those kind of things, where’ you’re flushing water down, there’s an old advantage that my wife said that I wasn’t supposed to tell you but I will do anyway. Kind of like telling you how much the average person does. Now, the adage is: If it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown – flush it down. You don’t necessarily have to flush down liquid waste.

So what are the other options? Well, you cloud have a system that ranges prince from inexpensive to presidentially well-spent. You can literally go and by an electric battery powered, portable RV toilet system. you can buy them at most RV stores, you can also actually buy them at Wal-Mart too. They’ve got a little button, push the button, water flows down, catches it in the base. You can deal with that base or not. It has chemicals and those chemicals break down the matter inside it, sanitize it, break it down and make it smell better. I didn’t say “great” – I said better. And then, you can dispose of that liquid at your leisure, how and when you would like to because it is chemically treated – it is not a biohazard.

Those who start at the most expensive ones are about 150 dollars. They can go down to the ones who are not electrically powered, – you just push a little hand pup and everything else. I have one of those in my trailer – works quite well. Then you could use something, go down and actually have a system that is something like this. This is a system that is self-conveyed. In here it has chemicals for the toilet, a little place where you can keep your toilet paper and that’s all. Inside that, there’s a removable bucket. This bucket, you will put plastic liner in, use it as necessary, take out the liner, throw the liner away, and reuse the system.

The other option is what I have in the, in my little vampire tent over here hanging upside-down, is a 5 gallon bucket with a lid and a toilet seat attached to it. Same basic kind of premise as this, except it is less expensive. You can by the bucket and the lid, or just the lid itself – they are available at surplus stores, other places who transport the material outside.

The other thing that you need to consider when using those types of facilities and water is an issue, is something like this – these are hand sanitizers. Those kinds of things that don’t require water to wash your hands. If you’re having an issue when is no water coming into your house, you really don’t want to be wasting water, while using the facilities. So get some kind of hand sanitizer. These are pretty inexpensive, this is a generic brand of about a dollar, they’re not terribly expensive.

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