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LDS Preparedness Exercise – Storage for Water pt4

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Man: I have one of those. I think I paid $65 for it. It can filter up to 5000 gallons of water. So I think I’m pretty good that way. It’s called Kadyn – if you go on the internet and look for water filters – I sell a little water filter that looks like a sports bottle that has a snout it in, put water in it and as you suck the water out, it filters it out. Same thing, a little ceramic filter – but it’s only nice to have in your car or for a 72 hour kit, certainly not gonna do you a heck lot of good if you’re at home and having to 4-5 gallons. You have to fill it up and squeeze it and it doesn’t go out really fast. But if you’re out backpacking, you fill it up and then you can drink out of it and then it works that way. Kadyn – backpacker water filter. And there are the ones that you can put on your counter and it filters 15 gallons of water, but they are $300.

The little ones are around $34 or so. According to the manufacturer’s website, that water should not be stored for more than 2 years. The shelf life is 2 years. That’s what they say. What’s beyond that, I don’t know, but that’s what they say and I would take their word on it. I would imagine that 2 years are probably sufficient. It’s a great way to store water – it’s a problem if you have to carry it.

Let me give you a personal note. You know the 2 and a half gallon that look suitcase water things? If you get those and store those, store them standing up. The seals where the water’s up, after a year or so, start to leak. I was on the floor, playing with my children and I was like “Why is there water coming out from underneath my closet?” I go in there and they started to leak cause I’ve laid them on the side. The plastic in those and not in the arrowhead or the bigger tough plastic, those plastic models are made to be reused over and over again. When you take them back to the plant, they clean them and fill them up and sell them back out.

But the ones that you buy on the store, the 2 and a half gallon ones, those are consumer products made to deteriorate and the plastic breaks down over time. They don’t store very well. You need to recycle your water. Rotate, rotate, rotate – I change my 55 gallon drums about every 6 months. Or if I get lazy, once a year. Usually, at my birthday or my anniversary – give or take. It also happens to be 8 sessions of conference. I do it during the Saturday sessions of conference – I run down in between the sessions, empty out my barrels and put them back in and that way I know they’re full of water.

It doesn’t take much – if you have 25 of these, it takes a lot to take them out, switch the chlorine, put them back away. As for this, I just pour it down, fill it back up – takes me little or no time. I have six of these in my house. While I’m doing the big barrels, the boys and the girls are swapping those out. It’s cheap not to and there’s no reason what to. Just rotate it – it’s not very difficult. And if you do it once a year and even if you skip a year, it’s still good.

The best way to store water is in a cool, dry place. That’s not always possible. So with the 55 gallon drum, you should have it off the ground – should be set on two by fours so it’s not sitting directly on the ground or directly on the concrete. Not that the concrete will affect the water, but as the water, as you get condensation and that kind of stuff, the concrete will start to eat away the plastic bottom of the barrel. So it shortens the life of the barrel. If it sits in direct sunlight – the sun beats down on it, it tends to make whatever is in there grow. So we don’t like that either. So the best thing to do is to put it on the north side of the house. If you don’t have that, then in the garage, where I store mine or you can put them and cover them.

The other thing I wanted to show you are the other tools of the trade. This was my, this is my excavation and recharging thing my wife bought me. It goes into the 55 gallon drum – it’s a siphon water. Pump a couple of times, the water starts flowing down. Really works quite well. This is a wrench that is used to take the top of the barrels off. And then I use this hose, cause I store mine in the back of my garage or, I guess it would be the front of my garage and so I have to run a hose out the front of the garage on the street to let the water come out.

In fact, Andrew has one of these pumps and he calls me one day and goes “Hey, that thing really works”. It works great. They also make ones that are similar to this one that goes into the 5 gallon barrel that you have. If you’ll notice, you’ll see that this one has a small thread and a larger thread and there’s a little adapter in here as well. So this could be adapted to fit a wide variety of pumps, should you need it. There’s no such thing as a perfect pump. This one is a little better made. There is no perfect pump. Actually, there are, but there are quite expensive. You can pay and get a heavy duty one. These are $65.

Thank you guys for coming out tonight – this was the first of this and my wife said “What if nobody comes?” I said “Then I’ll be standing here speaking to nobody”. I’m glad you came. Come back next month, on the 4th Wednesday next month and we’ll send out an email to mostly everybody. Invite your friends to come – bring them in and show them what they have to do. Bring your neighbors – there’s nothing better than to know that your neighbors are prepared as well cause then you’ll know you don’t have to take care of them.


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