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Lynn Tilton

Pamphlets for emergency preparedness are legion and detailed. A more comprehensive approach to emergency preparedness is to assemble a kit that contains sufficient food and other items for three days.

Gospel Library > Magazines > New Era > March 1977

  Search and Rescue

Richard M. Romney

Junior Batista, who joined the Church several months ago, said that when he learned about the emergency committee, he was eager to be involved. As well as search and rescue, they provide additional services to the community, such as helping with emergency preparedness and with vaccination programs.

Gospel Library > Magazines > Liahona > March 2009

  News of the Church

Coalinga ward members were probably better prepared for the quake than many wards would have been, because, surprisingly, emergency preparedness had been the subject of recent training sessions and the bishop’s ward newsletter message. In fact, six days before the quake, the Coalinga ward welfare committee, along with ward welfare committees from other wards in the Hanford California Stake, met in Hanford for an emergency preparedness training session.

Gospel Library > Magazines > Ensign > July 1983

  News of the Church

Ensign August 1987 03216_000_033President Benson Addresses Finnish SaintsEnsignAug. 198773President Benson Addresses Finnish Saints Forty-one years after he had rededicated Finland for the teaching of the gospel, President Ezra Taft Benson returned

Gospel Library > Magazines > Ensign > August 1987

  Guide to Family Finance

Marvin J. Ashton

Liquid savings available for emergencies should be sufficient to cover at least three months of all essential family obligations.

Gospel Library > Magazines > Liahona > April 2000

  Random Sampler

Together we could gather items for an emergency preparedness kit. Within an hour, we had items for a complete emergency kit—tailored for our family’s needs.

Gospel Library > Magazines > Ensign > September 2002

  Come unto Christ

Henry B. Eyring

The bedroom she vacated was filled with everything the family would need in an emergency. We had not taught them anything about emergency preparedness.

Gospel Library > Magazines > Ensign > March 2008

  Surviving the Storm

Norman C. Hill and Richard M. Romney

Their father is an emergency room doctor at a hospital in Port Arthur, directly in the projected path of Hurricane Rita. Aaronic Priesthood and Young Women camping experience can prepare you for living in emergency conditions. 7.

Gospel Library > Magazines > New Era > May 2006

  Random Sampler

Our ward held an emergency preparedness fair and invited the public to the event. We explained that we had just attended an emergency preparedness fair and had some helpful information to share.

Gospel Library > Magazines > Ensign > September 2009

  Random Sampler

Keep this information and other handy references in an emergency preparedness binder or folder.

Gospel Library > Magazines > Ensign > August 2009

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