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LDS Food Storage Well Known Secrets pt 4

LDS - Food Storage  Well Known Secrets

Woman: Use what you have. Open it up and take a chance with it. You need to know, when we’re doing this, this lovely meal which turns out to be a good meal and you’ll ask to have it, some of the ingredients that are put in almost everything are scalps, caterpillars and toenails. Because when you have teenage boys and they open that can of dehydrated carrots, it’s not looking fresh and lovely. And they immediately make it into something disgusting. But, rehydrated, my kids now know – Okay, we’ll just put it in – and now they kind of fighting for which disgusting thing to put in. Do you have any questions?

Man: As she said, we made some of it and brought it here tonight, decided to share it with you. It’s the first time we opened it, we decided to have one. I was shocked at how good it was. When we have food storage meals, we tell our children that this is the food storage meal. So they get used to go: Oh, food storage food is good. You can literally feed, we discovered, we could feed our family twice and if we fitted out, we could probably feed a small army.

It used to be a food storage table on – they radically modified how long you can store some of that food. I mean, they found wheat seeds in pyramids and it sprouted. Sprouted thousand year old wheat, so I figure my 20 year old wheat is pretty good. This meal plan is not an end – I think we’ll continue to modify them, adding things to them, trying to find ways of cooking them and see how it works out. To me, having this mix makes a lot of sense, rather than having a lot of tins with a lot of stuff.

I forgot to mention – one of the key ingredients I wanted to do this with is the emergency preparedness diversification. I have all the information in my little brain about how to store all this stuff. I know how to set up cans, how to make nuts – but what if I’m injured, do my children know how to do that? What if my wife was the great cook, look into a pantry, see 47 items that I don’t even think should be remotely on the same planet, let alone the same pantry, and she comes out with this wonderful meal: I can’t do that. So if she’s injured or hurt – how are we gonna – I can do a little bit of cooking. But the intention was that my children will be able to do this, they won’t have to follow recipe – they just zip off the bag, pour it into the bag, pour water and boil. I mean, I’m pretty sure most of my children know how to boil water.

Especially if you happen to be injured and nobody has to cook – you don’t have to. Open it, unzip it, boil it – you’re done! And I’m hoping that you enjoyed what became of it. That’s not bad. You’ll be happy to eat on a regular basis. A bit or recap: if you know already, make sure you get at least a week’s worth of food that you regularly eat. Spaghetti, stew – whatever you have, something basic that doesn’t require a lot of water or a lot of cooking time. Precooked stew or something like that for an emergency.

And after you’ve got that weeks’ worth of food stored up, then you want to store 3 months’ worth of food: rice, wheat, beans – those kinds of things. And then you can do something like this if you already have those kinds of ingredients. Then, after you do that, the church recommends that we get a year’s supply. And so that you’ll be able to take care not only of yourself, but to give charity to others and be able to not only feed yourself, but to take care of those around you as well.

If you just go into the internet and type in “dehydrated carrots” – you’ll find lots of places. You can even get discounts for quantities. The problem now is, because of the food storage shortages that we’re seeing, most of these things are old – food storage prices are going up and the availability is going down. It’s gonna be harder and harder to find these things. The next best thing about dehydrated food is, because it’s dehydrated, it doesn’t weigh a lot. So there’s not a lot of shipping costs. Most of the stuff we bought is just watching the things and buying them on sale. We bought some from a company that was going out of business –they were leaving California, moving to Idaho. And they were giving a lot of those packets, that’s how we ended up with 4 tins.

They’re not cheap and it doesn’t look like anything you’d imagine. The carrots look like scabs. The onions look like toenails. I would love to figure out what the in-cost for this is, because the cans are pretty expensive. But the in-cost of this, I can’t imagine being much more that $5-$6 – maybe even less than that. So we’re talking – to feed a family of 6, for $6 it gives us peace of mind. The nice thing about the beans and everything else is they’re full of protein and all kind of stuff, but you need to have some kind of greens. You should have a garden, some kind of greens. One of the things we stored is a fair amount of multivitamins to go along with these as well.

We’ve lived out of food storage 2-3 times. That wasn’t cause of a major catastrophe – I was out of work for a period of time. And we used things like this to really stretch our food budget so that we wouldn’t spend all the money on food.


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