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LDS Food Storage Well Known Secrets pt 3

LDS - Food Storage  Well Known Secrets

Man: You can get a machine that seals them up right.

Woman: You call me in and I’ll let you borrow it cause I actually have one in my garage. It’s about $200 if you want to buy it yourself. It is from the distribution center where you can get them – it’s for Mylar bags. I actually brought a bunch of them that I like – try it, the things that I put in here are exactly what they say on here. So we’re gonna pick one and I would love to tell you what I brought with me, but I told the boys “Go pick one!” This is Spanish noodle and beef casserole mix. Ham Hock Stew is navy beans, pinto beans, onions, carrots, celery, salt, pepper, beef bouillon, oregano and ham. These are all freeze dried items.

No.10 tin cans. I’m gonna be good – I’m gonna buy my year’s supply, I’m gonna buy freeze dried celery. Freeze dried celery – so you tuck it away cause I have it now, so I put it under the bed. First of all, we thought that 4 cans of freeze dried celery would be enough. We used it all and had to buy more. So freeze dried celery did not go as far as we thought. Freeze dried short ring.

How did we manage to get these all here? We took a big bag, sliced it in half with a paper cutter, sealed both of them and now we have two bags that open at the top. This fits just perfectly in one of the bowls in my kitchen. So it sat like this. And we just assembly lined: one person was on beans, one person was on noodles, one person was on spices, one person was on carrots, one person was on celery – and everybody took their premeasured stoop – you’ve got your big bowl full of beans and your one-cup measure. Every container gets one cup. And in they went – you just put one cup in every one. Each person did it. We did in about 2 hours, we did 40 meals of 3 different types.

It’s fun to do and I know that there’s this. Anything put into it has a shelf life of 20 years. There are two kinds of cookbooks. These are the kinds you open up and read them: look at the pretty pictures of the food and the nice recipes and you can make it just like that famous chef and these are the kind of cookbooks that I like to read as a book. And then I go get this cookbook – this is “The new home cooking with food storage” by Vicky Tate. It’s about $16, you can buy it at almost any bookstore – at Barnes and Noble you have to make an order – they usually just keep a copy or two.

This is filled with recipes from people who lived in Manti, who lived in that part of Utah, who remember the Indians coming and jerking all their medicine on the spice rack. One of my favorite recipes is in here, under Grandma’s Homemade Remedy. It’s a very fast thing. It has a recipe for emergency baby formulas, household cleaners, flea powders, which birds and bugs you can eat, which you can’t. Which ones are vary poisonous. The honey whole-wheat brownie gives a lot of play and it’s a little splashy when you mix it up at first.

It talks about how to dry beans, how to deal with dry beans, how do we constitute when we have those no.10 tins that he talks you into going to get – I’m gonna buy tomato powder! Okay – I have tomato powder, now what do I do with it? This tells you what to do with it, how to reconstitute it, how to turn tomato powder into ketchup which is actually very easy. The lemon juice, a little vinegar and now you have ketchup out of your tomato powder. Lots of substitutions – if you don’t have, what you can use.

What can you go to your dehydrated foods to get and what can you make out of them? Now I have 178 of them, actually 177 today cause I made you one. Because the fruit is always in the pudding. This – I’ll let you taste it, I’ll sell it to you to put in your car, this is that lovely rachis – it tastes okay, it tastes like apple cinnamon rum cookies – cookies that went way to up on the counter. It has nutrition in it, it has many vitamins in it. But I’m not gonna invite you to my house and go “It’s the time of a disaster – come have some gross crumbly stuff!” I’m gonna tell you to come to my house and have soup. It’s not just soup – it’s hardy, it’s whole-body, real food.

I have a friend and she said, I’ll make soup, you make bread. She said great – I’ll even give you the wheat to make the bread. I’ll grind the wheat to make the bread. I’ll make the soup, you’ll make the bread. I have the yeast, I have everything – I don’t have the talent. That’s what my goal is and that’s what I learned from this book. That’s what I learned from opening up those no. 10 tin cans. You open some stuff up and go “I’d never eat that – dehydrated pudding” – nastiest stuff in the world. But get this – some chocolate pudding will last 4 years. I checked. It’ll last 4 years.


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