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LDS Food Storage Well Known Secrets pt 2

LDS - Food Storage  Well Known Secrets

Man: So the back of the closets is a great place to store food – it’s cool, it’s dark, it’s usually very well regulated temperature-wise. So the back of your closet is a great place to do it. Or the tops of your hallway closets – like the club closet in your house. There’s usually a space up there that can be re-shelved – put an extra space there to store things up there as well. If you don’t want something to be evident, you can put a little curtain on it so that it’s not immediately – so when you open the closet everybody will go “Why do you have 47 cans of the food that you eat?”

The church recommends next, having a 3 months’ supply of food. Grains, wheat, legumes which are beans to the rest of us and having those kind of things stored for a 3 month supply. So the recommendation is first to get a week’s supply of food, which would be your emergency supply of food and then a 3 month supply of food. And that includes the lettuce, rice, beans and those kinds of things.

There are a lot of people who have absolutely no idea how to cook with wheat. I actually have a lesson that’s called “Add 500 pounds of wheat – now what?” They have no idea what to do with wheat. If you’ve never had wheat before, care because there are people who are allergic to wheat. There would be a very bad timing to find out that you’re allergic to wheat when you have to rely on that as your food source. So you need to eat some of that and learn to cook with it in advance. In my family, we found out that Brother Reinhart’s Boston Baked Wheat – don’t eat that. I don’t know if Brother Reinhart will like it, but it certainly didn’t go very well at our house. But we’ve had other wheat things that we used: cracked and drowned and other types of applications.

So you want to get together a 3 month’s supply of food. But then after you’ve gotten that, then you need to work on just kind of making that supply greater. On my website, on and several places that you can find all over the internet, there are calculators to find out how much food you should store for how many people and those kinds of things. And those are good places to start for what you want, how you want it or what recommendations for storage are. And I’m going allow my wife to talk about how we modify that and kind of augment that in a way that makes far more sense to me. Let me tell you how I came to think about this and then I’ll turn the mark over to her.

I was reading on one of the online sites I read and they talked about the pandemic flu and when the flu comes, how to sequester yourself, how to quarantine yourself so that you won’t have to do with contact. But also, that you don’t want to shut off the rest of the world – you still want to provide charity to others. This website is big on food stores, but not to the exclusion of others. I don’t have a year’s supply for my family – I have a 6 month’s supply for two families. And so I went to my wife and I said “I want means of being able to give somebody some food that we can kind of sanitize” – that’s how I could think of it. My thought was, we take a zip lock bag, we’ll put like two cups of rice in, a couple of bullion, chicken and maybe some dehydrated peas, roll that out, duct tape it and add 4 cups of water and boil. And that’s not a great meal, but that would be a great way for someone who says “I’m really hungry, can you feed me?” I could give them that, I probably could give them something to cook it in and say “Here you go, here’s a meal for you.” This would be a meal of substance for probably 4 people.

And I said “Let’s do this – let’s come up with this. I want to be able to have this to give away as charity.” And when I presented that to her, about the same time, call it fate, call it what you will, I found a website called 365 meals where a woman had taken the concept that she learned in her society of making meals in a jar and making 365 of them so that she had a meal for her family for every day. And we kind of put that together with what I wanted to do and then we came up with this 365 meal concept that my wife and several other really kind of put into practice. I think it was a great way for food storage and having a really good idea.

I have 350 pounds of wheat – is that enough? I don’t know. Is that gonna work? I don’t know. I can make some bread, but other than that, I’m really not sure. So I turned that aspect of food storage- I came up with an idea along with my wife and we’re talking about that and about what she found.

Woman: First of all, give me a zip back with rice and dried peas in it and I’ll hand it back. That was disgusting. I told him “Eww – we don’t want these people to kill us, we want them to go away!” So, I had found a little thing: this is Minestrone Soup Mix. It says place water in a stockpot and add this mix and reserve the pasta: it has all the pasta, all the beans, all the noodles, all and everything. Except it doesn’t have meat in it. And so I’m like “Wow, I can do it like this” – but this is glass, I have meals, I have breakable meals. Great, now I have a soup full of broken glass. So I went to my trusted and they sell Mylar bags. We did the same thing, the same thing, the same little soup gift jars that everyone hands out at Christmas time. I had it in, I went to pick up several books.

I originally thought 365 a piece – that’s what we were gonna make. We got to 178, which is about half. And then we got black bean chili mix – so I made 12 of them so we only will have that 1 time a month. I picked 30 recipes, did 12 of them, got to the third one and figured it was a lot. It was a whole lot. So this was starting to look like a lot of food. So we stopped about halfway through and I’m like “We’re gonna make one!” This makes not one meal, these make two heavy meals. We fed our family of 6 lunch and dinner the next day. But most of these recipes are already made, they’re already finished – they’re already done. They tell you to separate everything in their little place with the little spice pack on top. But I dumped it all in a big tank bowl.

This is 3 of the paper cases. I have 3 of these underneath my kid’s beds – that’s all there is. I filled 3 of them. I have 178 packets.


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