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Transcription: Ten Top Reasons Why NOT to have a Food Storage

Food Storage Disaster

Man: Most of us don’t have a year’s supply of food. And there’s reasons why. I was on the internet one day and I saw this lady – her name was Wendy Dewitt – I like to give credit where credit is due. And she came up with a top 10 reasons that we don’t have food storage. I like them, but I thought I would share them with you.

The number 10 reason why most people don’t have food storage – My neighbors, they have a 2 year’s food supply. I’ll be eating theirs. I don’t think that’s probably a very good plan. Number 9 – I paid for 20 years, the church can give me a little! Right? People say that and expect the church to come in and save the day. Do you know that the church only has enough food, with all the storehouses and everything that they have to feed somewhere around just 5% of the entire church? Not the entire state or not the entire country – just the church. So that’s not really a good idea, they’re not gonna come and save your bacon. They’ve been telling us to store food so they don’t have to.

Number 8 – if something really bad happens, I’m gonna move in with my children or my parents. Good idea. You don’t have food storage, guess what? They don’t either! Number 7: I don’t need a year’s supply – I have a gun. I’ve been on several websites of people talking about food storage and one of the things that they said and I kid you not, I’ve seen this at least 4-5 times from people who were deadly serious and they said “I don’t need food supply – all I need is a gun and to know where my nearest Mormon is”. They know you’re Mormon and they know you store food so they’ll come with a gun to take it. I wanted to respond with “You idiot! Mormons have guns too! I know how to use them! We’ve been chased out of better places that where you live! We’re used to this – we’ll come and get you!”

Number 6 – the government will be there to take care of us. Deserved laughter here – of course they’re not gonna be there. Remember Katrina? So the first 5 things on this list require you eating someone else’s food – this is not a good plan. Then there’s 5 – I don’t have the space for food storage, the RV are taking up all the room! Well, I’ve got news for you – I live in an apartment. I have more than a year’s supply of food, more than a year and I have plenty of water. If I can do it, you can too.

Number 4 – why don’t most people have food storage? 3 letters: Y2K. All I need is a little bit, why do I need an entire year worth of food? Number 3 – I can’t afford food storage and scrapbooking! We spend enormous amounts of money in all the wrong places. If all the food storage was really important to you, you’d get rid of your cellphone. Your cellphone costs as much as food storage would for your entire family.

The number 2 reason: Why don’t I have food storage? I’m waiting for the cannery to sell Papa John’s dehydrated pizza! This just cracks me up. She just said this today and I want you to glue this to your mind – she said today that food storage is yucky food. Not even the slightest if you do it right – you can even do it wrong and it would still not be yucky. In fact, often I have meals with our children and when they’re eating, I’m going “Do you like this meal?” and they say “Oh yeah, this is great!” “This is food storage!” “Really?”“Yeah!” I spent a lifetime teaching my children that food storage is not yucky meals. I don’t know where that came from – who got that into their head or why? It’s probably because they stored 500 pounds of wheat and powdered milk and went “Here, have some ground wheat and powdered milk – it’s a soup!”.

And the number one reason that people don’t have a year’s supply of food storage? – A year? I thought we only had to have 72 hour food storage. Do you have 72 hour food storage? Of course you do. And mostly everybody has a 72 hour supply of food in your house. Somewhere in the back of your pantry there’s that little jar or pearl onions. You don’t know why – somebody got them and nobody knows what to do with them. We don’t make martinis, why do we have them? You know the can of minced olives? You have enough food in your house to feed you and your fellows for 72 hours.


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