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3 Month Food Storage

Man: The church has taught, on provident living, that you need to get a 72 hour, you need to have 72 hours. Boom! You’re done. In your house, I’m sure there’s 4-5 cans of food somewhere, a can of sardines and a little thing of pearl onions. Everyone has one, they’re required, nobody knows what to do with them. We don’t make martinis, what the heck do you use pearl onions for? But we have them. You can make scrape get-by in your house for 72 hours, okay? You’re done.

So we have a gap between 72 hours and one year. I’m here to tell you right now that you don’t need to go for a year’s worth of food. That’s not from me – that’s the counsel from Salt Lake. The counsel is: get 3 months’ worth of food. That sounds daunting – it’s not really. Really, what you need to do is come up – 3 months is 90 days – come up with 9 meals and replicate it 10 times. Figure out the 9 meals that you and your family like. Let’s say spaghetti, beef stew, mac and cheese – you can still buy that by the metric ton, so that’s okay – ravioli, my kids love that, but it gives me heart burn. So you take those meals and you write down: what does it take to fulfill those meals?

For example, if you have the spaghetti, you can go buy ragout. Rather than going to buy a jar of ragout sauce in a glass jar – earthquake, no food – go buy a can of SMW or there are several other marks out there, a can of spaghetti sauce. So go out and make yourself 9 meals and repeat them 10 times, okay? So let’s say your family likes beef stew. Let’s say it’s just you and your husband at home these days and he likes beef stew. Or let’s say he likes clam chowder. So you plan your meals – you know what you have to buy. For this recipe I need these items, for this recipe I need these items – and write them down on a list and keep that list with you at all times.

And then, when you’re going to the store and you’re looking to buy those things, you’ll look to see what’s on sale and then you buy them. When they’re on sale or you get a coupon or you get a dollar off on spaghetti sauce or some sort. Every time you go to the store, look to see if those items are on sale. They have those 10 for $10 things – I don’t have to tell you how many times our meal has changed “Wow – you really like tomato soup, that would be great”.

If you have the means to do it, go to your family grocer and say “I would like to buy 2-3 cases of that. Could you give me a discount on that beef stew” and he says “Yeah, I can take 10 cents or 15 cents a can off” – you go “Great, can you order me one?” Spend a couple of bucks, do that. So that’s easy. 9 meals repeated 10 times. Stored away – 3 months’ worth of food, you’re done, okay?

Now, let me give you a little hobby out there: if it’s an emergency, we’re gonna start eating. And you should start eating. My family’s gonna start eating like our forbearers did. Our forbearers did not have the big meal at dinner time. Their big meal was lunch or breakfast. That’s when our big family meal is gonna be – lunch. And then we’ll have a lighter breakfast or a lighter dinner, but have that big lunch in the middle of the day in an emergency. So do that and pretty soon, you’ll go “Heck, I’m pretty stuffed up” without much cost in.

I’ve seen these and I actually have them on my website: they’re calculators. You know, this week you buy these 3 things and this week this and at the end of the year you’ll have entire food storage. I have that, I’ve had it because people asked me for it. I don’t necessarily believe in that. Why? Because I don’t want to bulk up on one item. Okay, yeah, I got a year’s supply of tuna. And something goes wrong in the middle of it and I’ll be like “Great, I’ve got a bunch of tuna and nothing else”. Right?A little, a longer way.

Let’s say you have 9 meals and you’re gonna start buying. So now you’re going out for the spaghetti and the spaghetti is on sale. So go buy 5 meals of spaghetti and 5 meals of something else. So rather than buying 10 meals of spaghetti and then 10 meals of something else and 10 meals of something else, go a little at a time. And you can do this in pretty short order. And by the way, short order is what we need because we’re running out of time.


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