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LDS Food Preparedness in a Nutshell

Secrets of Long-term Food Storage

It is no secret that LDS members are encouraged to prepare for emergency situations and unforeseen circumstances so as to help them be self reliant and not become a burden to those around them when such situations occur. Members are educated on food storage essentials and how to come up with a food storage plan.  While Mormons have been known for ages to be preppers, many non Mormons have joined the queue.

Anyone who is true to themselves would agree that the economic situation of the world is so volatile and anything can happen to change the lives of many at anytime. With this in mind it is a wonder that some people may think that LDS prepared strategy is tantamount to doomsday proclamation. The Mormon food storage process starts with educating embers on the need to store away food and then continues to teach the food storage essentials.

LDS food preparedness is not about storing away food for the sake of having food. It is about taking into consideration your circumstances and the likelihood of it changing either by natural devices or manmade ones to carefully plan for the future. As a Mormon, you know that food wasting is never encouraged and you should only store away what you and your family can eat. That is why it is important to take advantage of the different food storage tips offered to members to make the right choices.

 Therefore, it is important to make use of the available resources that will help you towards planning your food storage needs. There are calculators available online that will give a rough estimate of the food you need for the size of your family. Also to ensure that the food stored away is actually useful when needed, members should endeavour to store only what they know they and the people in their household can consume. It will be utterly useless to store beans if you know no one at home eats it. While you may claim that this may be helpful to someone else, remember that the essence of LDS food preparedness is first to plan for you and your family.

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