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LDS Food Prep Made Easy


When it comes to being a prepper, LDS members are champions. Although they have been taught for years for being doomsday promoters, many have come to realise that what the Mormons do actually makes sense. This is especially so today when it is impossible to say with any confidence what someone’s financial circumstances can be in the nearest future.  The idea about bulk food storage as encouraged by officials of the LDS church is to prepare members for unforeseen circumstances.

When faced with a disaster or adverse situation such as loss of job, the effect on a person can be greatly reduced if they can rest assured that they have enough food stored away to last for at least three months. In LDS food storage is strongly advised to be practiced by members. This is not only a good way for members to take care of themselves; it also relieves those around them of the stress they would have to bare if the person next to them lacked food or some basic necessities.

To make food storage easy, members are advice to buy in small quantities. While most members will prefer to buy in bulk, it is also true that getting that much money to spend at once is not always easy to come by these days. Therefore, if a member were to keep procrastinating when they can start their Mormon food storage, they may end up not storing anything. Therefore, it is better to buy a little more of what you consume each day. in that way, the food in store will grow in quantity without any obvious distress felt.

Also in their food storage prep, members are advised to use good storage methods so as to ensure that food last for long period. A good storage method in is LDS canning as canned food will last long than any other. Apart from canned food, members are advised to store food that have long shelf life.

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