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Man: So here is the list of the 100 things that disappear first. So you should start on a list of this. Start with a water list – what do I need, what do I have, where am I deficient on that? Because in the event of an emergency or a disaster, you really don’t want to be out trying to buy these things. What you want to be going to the store and buying are the things that other people don’t buy. Right? I am in the process of making a list that will stick to the back of my door that if we have $50-$100 and we have to run to the store and buy stuff, this is the stuff we’re going to buy. The stuff I’m going to buy is not tuna and those kinds of things – I have all that. I’m not gonna buy rice, I have that. I won’t buy bread – I can make that. I’m gonna be buying the things that don’t store in the long term: Crisco, olive oil, mayonnaise – those kind of things, the things that don’t store for long term – those are the kind of things on my list if we had to go to the store to get.

Those are not the kind of things that other people are going to be buying. They are not going to be buying olive oil. The store will be cleared out of bread, cleared out of milk, ice, canned chilly – I won’t buy that. I will be going where everybody else won’t be going – I’m gonna get olive oil and things like that.

Woman: Okay, you talked about rain water before. I got online and looked for rain barrels and they’re expensive. So do you have the source of what they’re made of?

Man: Well, a rain barrel is nothing more than a 55 gallon barrel that you can make or buy. Or if you just go to YouTube and type in “water barrels” and there’s at least 25 different videos there of rain barrels – lots of them. I watched all of them, probably twice on how to make rain barrels. Now, because we live in California, you probably don’t want to be drinking that water. But every ounce of water you have for other purposes is one ounce that you can drink. But you can purify rain water, catch it, filter it and probably drink it. But even if you didn’t – all that water that comes down, you can wash your dishes with it, you can purify it, wash dishes, wash clothes, flush your toilet, clean your body – all that other stuff and save every other drop you have for drinking.

It is remarkable – I watched one of YouTube videos on how much water comes off of a roof and how much you can store, how quickly. I mean a lot, really fast. I live in an apartment complex so I can’t put anything permanent, but when it was raining back in January, I was thinking how to catch water from the roof and divert it and I’ve come up with a way to do that and I had the tools sitting around. I haven’t put the whole thing together yet, I’m in the process of doing that so that I could catch water that goes into my barrels.

Woman:There’s a lot of places where I could have a barrel.

Man: If you would have nothing more than 5 gallon buckets – it rains, start catching water and do something with it. Trash cans – get a couple of clean trash cans and set them aside –that’s their only purpose is that when it rains, I’m gonna go catch water off of my roof. You know? You don’t have to come with some elaborate built-in system if you have something that goes “Okay, if it rains, I’m gonna take this part that it bounces off and shove this trashcan and catch the water that comes off”. If nothing else, you’re gonna have 30-40 gallons of water to deal with what you need.

I often think about the Ike that came in and wiped out Galveston and how many lives were saved because we cleared off that island and we sought it in advance. In the 1890’s there was another hurricane that came and completely wiped out Galveston – 6000 people died because there was no death warning system. The guy that was the meteorologist that lived there had a feeling that something was going to happen but couldn’t really prove it. In those days you only had a few hours, now we have satellites so we know days in advance if something’s gonna happen. We live in times when I think, the radar’s going off – going off with shenanigans, going off with Wall Street, the other problems that we had and I kind of seems to me that the writing’s on the wall.

I’m with president Hinckley; I do not portend any huge, major calamity that’s going to beset us. I’m not making predictions. All I’m saying is – you cannot sit here and have not some sense that things are not exactly what they should be. And we need to have some kind of preparation for that. And I’m praying that nothing happens and that I’m wrong, I never wanted to be more wrong. But I’m preparing for the worst, but I’m hoping for the best.


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