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LDS Emergency Resources – Awareness to Self Reliability pt4

LDS - Self Reliability

Next, about halfway down it says not to forget the do-it-yourself dentistry. Gloves, temporary fillings, extraction tools – those kinds of things – those are easily gotten at your local pharmacy. Those kinds of things you can get, it’s nice to have them on hand. Then it talks about chemical nuclear defense kit. We don’t live in a high-target zone. I figure that if there is a big nuclear weapon going off, I figure it’ll not come here. But that doesn’t disregard that I have, in my home, the ability to seal off a room in my house with filters and close off every door. So there’s a dirty bomb that goes off in Long Beach, right? I want to be able to stay safe. Cause you only have to stay for 12-36 hours until the dust settles and you’ll be fine. But I won’t be able to do that, so it’s something that I have considered. But if there’s a big nuclear war, I’d rather be gone than stick around anyway.

There’s a gardening list and hygiene and sanitation – one of the things we often overlook is toilet paper. You know those phone books that they always give away and we throw them away? Keep those! That paper can be used as toilet paper, if nothing else. Or high chairs for the kids so have plenty of that. And there’s a light spot list, fishing, power, lighting lists – you’ll notice these are all some general ideas, not specific. Firefighting list. Tactical living lists – notice that’s the longest one – where he talks about night vision goggles and if I could afford it, I’d have one. Communications and tool lists: probably one of the most important things is a tool list.

I’m trying to gather more and more hand tools that don’t require electricity like a hand drill and things like that. It would really bad if I had all the things that put stuff together but I don’t have any tools to do it with. All my tool are electric, but I don’t have a power grid – that’s great. But having hand tools that are reliable and work is well.

And the last one here and I think it’s one of the most important ones is the books and reference list – and these are books that you should have or absolutely have some copy of them. First one you should get is “Are you ready?” – it’s a free book that you can get from FEMA online. That thing has a lot of information in there, it’s a great starter. The other one that he has in here that I have a copy of is the Encyclopedia of Confident Living and the “Where there is no doctor”, I also have “Where there is no dentist” – these are books that are designed for people who live in Africa and things like that where there are villages and it teaches them basic chemistry and medicine.

I also have another book that I’m recommending now which is “Uncommon uses for common household items”. There are 147 different things that you can do juts with vinegar – cleaning and lots of things like that and different kinds of variations and solutions. And it’s a great book – it’s called Uncommon uses for common household items”, which is a really good book. And here he also talks about The Ultimate Sniper – if you’re gonna be a sniper, you could get that book. But those are some recommendations right here. I’d recommend the Encyclopedia of Confident Living, I also recommend “Where there is no doctor”, “Where there is no dentist” – those are all good books.

Last one that is here is the Barter and Charity list. If this economic problem that we’re facing right now goes south and our politicians and the people who are supposed to look after our financial dealings don’t do what they say they’re gonna do and we have something akin to another depression – having things to trade with and for will put you a very good stead. There’s a list of very good things that we should have just for those purposes. I do a lot of traveling and I’m hotel rooms every weekend. Hotel rooms have those little coffee makers in them, I take the coffee out of those coffee makers and I store those in air-tight bags. I figure someday, someone’s gonna want coffee: they have a headache, it’ll be worth something. I’ll take the rice they have, they’ll get the coffee. I also store bottles of alcohol – great alcohol that works in lamps or cooking or medical purposes.

I suggest you go over this, use it as a guideline. Now we’re gonna go to the 100 things that disappear first. This is a list that I’ve taken from 2-3 such similar lists and kind of drew them down and talk about the kinds of things that you should have when you’re talking about your lists of lists. These are not in any particular order. I group them into groups so they’re not necessarily in any particular numerical order, but they are the things that disappear first, in other words: things you should have. Talk about propane, duct tape, garbage bags – you can almost never have too many garbage bags. They work for lots and lots of things – keeping water, gather water, for sanitation, for actual trash, for rain ponchos, lots of things. Backpacks, duffle bags, portable radios, and fire extinguishers – it’s a shame if you lost your house to a fire and the fireman was somewhere else. If you’d only had a fire extinguisher ready, you could have stopped that blaze.

Cooking: paper plates, plastic utensils – no better way to save water than not having to wash dishes.Having lots of those around. Portable grills, charcoal, ham cam openers, ice chests. Food and water: there’s all kinds of things there that disappear quickly off the shelves. But what I wanted to look at is health and hygiene. Toilet paper, Kleenexes, paper towels – there’s almost no substitute for those things. Special toilet paper – I would be miserable without toilet paper. Feminine hygiene products. I’m not a lady, but I go on EBay and buy stocks of feminine hygiene products on EBay like $200 worth for 6-8 boxes. I keep them stored. Are they the exact type and brands that my wife and daughters use? Nope. But it would be better than nothing and so I have lots of those stored.

Laundry detergent – really important to have some kind of laundry detergent for washing hands, washing clothes. Just with dish detergent, you can wash just about everything – if you’d have to, you’d wash your hair, wash your body, wash your hands, wash the dishes, wash your clothes…


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