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LDS Emergency Resources – Awareness to Self Reliability pt3

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Take the TEOTWAWKI weekend experiment with your family. When you’ve come home from work on a Friday evening, turn off your main circuit breaker, turn off your gas main or propane tank, shut your water valve or turn off your well pump and spend that weekend in primitive conditions. Practice using your food storage, prepare a loose-over camping stove. A TEOTWAWKI weekend experiment will surprise you. Things that you take for granted will suddenly become labor-intensive. False assumptions will be shattered, your family will grow closer and more confident. Most importantly, one of the most thorough listing you’ll ever make will be the ones written over candlelight.

This is very true. My wife and I, when we go camping, we have a notebook of things that – Oh shoot, we forgot – next time, in our camping stuff we need to have one of these. Or also, what we do, we have 3 of those we haven’t used in 3-5-7 years, we only need two, let’s get rid of one. And so, we do that almost every time we go camping, we keep a list of things that we don’t want. In my family, starting with my children when they were very young, we used to have what we called low-voltage weekends, similar to the disaster weekend, the TEOTWAWKI weekend.

I used to come Friday night from work and I would say “Okay, we’re gonna have a low-voltage weekend. We turned most appliances off, with the exception of the refrigerator” and we would go about that night using our coal stove to cook the barbeque outside and then we’d have oil lamps and play games with the kids and we did that partially, I wanted my kids that if something were to go wrong, for them to think it was fun. Now, when the power goes out – I’m not kidding you, the power goes out – they are upset if they miss it. My oldest daughter, we had a power outage in our block for about 3 hours the other day and she was at work. When she came back, the power’s back on – with her alarm clock flashing 12. I told her the power went off and she went “And I missed it?” And so, it had its desired effect.

And so, doing that over time test with our family, we became kind of aware of what he’s talking about over here. And so, what we’re gonna suggest you do is start making a list of lists. And in his suggestion, and you can add to these or detract needs or desires, it’s a water list, a food storage list, a personal list, a first aid kit list – these are all lessons I’ve taught over time – hygiene and sanitation list, hunting, fishing, trapping – I don’t know how much hunting, trapping or fishing we’re gonna do here in southern California, but…

As he says, it’s really important to know all these things because, even if you live here and you don’t need to hunt or fish – well, what if you were deciding and your family was deciding that if it’s bad, you’ve got to go. And you’ve got family that lives in New Mexico or Arizona or Utah and they say you’ve got to come. And you decide you’re going. Well, if you don’t have some basic understanding on that kind of thing and you get to where you’re going, that might be a necessity of something you might need to know wherever you might go. Cause I guarantee you, if the power goes out and there’s big problems here in LA, this area is not going to be sustainable. There’s no food here, there’s no water here. We live in the desert. It’s not gonna be able to support the population that lives here. And like I said before, there’s 50,000 gang members that are running around in the LA county alone. I don’t know, to some extent, whether we want to stay here.

I’m not planning on leaving. I would love to, but I’m not planning on leaving, I’ll end up staying. Fuel lists, firefighting lists, tools lists – there’s about 10-15 items there that you need to start making a list. I’ll talk about them and then we’ll go over 100 things that disappear first.

The water list: it talks about having the ability to catch rain water off of your roof. If you don’t have something like that already set up in advance and the water goes out and you’re going through your water, it’s gonna be more and more difficult to “Okay, I’m gonna put that in place if something bad happens”. Well, when something bad happens, you’re probably be too busy doing lots of other things to think about doing that. Not to talk about when it’s raining and all that water that you could’ve caught and done something with that in advance. And so, these kind of things you want to get together, we need to be more self-reliance, rather than emergency prepared. It talks about extra containers, having plenty chlorine on hand. I have 3 gallons of bleach that I store just for water purification purposes in emergencies. Having a cart of some sort to transport your water. We often think about if something really bad goes on, I’ll put it into a backpack – that’s great, but you’re not going to be able to carry water very far. Water is heavy – it’s 8 pounds per gallon. And we’re supposed to have a gallon, per person, per day – so if you want to go for 3 days, that’s 24 pounds of water just right there.

And then there’s the food storage list and he says that a food storage list is something that we all need to be worried about. Food preparation lists. If you don’t have any non-electric can openers in your house and there is no power, how are you gonna open cans? With the knife? It’s gonna bend your knife really quick. Talks about having 5 or 6 gallon PVC buckets for food storage and preparations.

Personal lists: do you take medication, are there herbal substitutes for the medications you take? Right now, one of the things that the internet is really good for, is that there are a lot of herbal substitutes for medicines we take. Not all of them, but there are a lot of alternatives. And so, if you are required to take some kind of heart medicine – there’s an herb plant that you can make a tea out of that will give you almost the exact effects of the medicine. There’s an herbal plant that has the same properties, similar properties. So if you can’t get Coumadin and your life relies on that, then I’d figure out what that herb is and how to plant it, how to grow it and how to keep it around. Cause you won’t get your heart medicine that keeps you alive.

The other thing is glasses. If you wear glasses and require glasses – I require them for reading – but if you require them for general vision, you should have plenty of them around. First aid and minor surgery kit. If you have not taken the CPR and first aid class, you should take one so you will know how to do stuff. If you don’t know how to do things, you could not have the equipment, but the equipment is good. Also, having a minor surgical kit – I have sutures in my first aid kits. Someone asked me if I knew how to use them and I said no. Then he asked why I had them and I said that if I met someone who knew how to use them, I’d have him suture whatever we had to. And he said that’s just silly.


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