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LDS Emergency Resources – 3 Days Supplies pt4

LDS - 3 Days Supplies

So what kind of things do I put in here? First thing is you have to have water. That’s the main thing. How much water? What kind of water? Well, you can have water like this. Or you can have these premade pouches like these. These are good, these are better – that’s why we have both of them. Cause these have a 5 year shelf life and are sterile. These have about 2 year shelf life and are not. This is not as much water – you can store a few of these, but these are better – taste better. In most cases it’s not that bad, but you have both of them. But if you forgot to change it out and this is 4 years old, at least you’ll know these are still good. You can still use this.

You can fill your water reservoir in your car with these. At one time, my reservoir was all empty, had no water. And it was rainy – it was like muddy rain, the first rain. And my reservoir was empty – forgot to replace it. So I go to my 72 hour kit then got one of these, put in there and then was able to wash my windows out and keep them clean. So I kind of have that good, better, best. So this is good, this is probably better and this is the best. Food, water – the same with the food: this is better, more tasty – that’s why we have the both of them.

One of the other things you need is some kind of light. This is good, right? But it takes batteries, batteries we don’t have. These are better – these last forever and don’t need batteries – that’s why we have the both of them. This provides the kind of light that this doesn’t, this, once you turn it on, you can’t turn it off – okay? And most 72 hour kits will give you a light stick.

It’s kind of a good, better, best into your 72 hour kit. Like an emergency blanket – like those nylon blankets – if you needed to, you can use that as a top. Rain ponchos – always a good thing or a tent – those kind of things. Those are kind of issues – go to my website, go under Learn and unto the PDF files and you can download it.

Or go on the internet and look for 72 hour kits. And there are hundreds of suggestions. Some better, some worse – some kits are great, some aren’t. So make an idea of what goes into them and what you want into them and make your kit your own. Because no kit, even if you buy it from a company like mine, is going to be what you need. Even if you have this one, which is my kit that I keep in my car – if I give it to you, it might have some of the stuff you want, but your shoes are not the same, so you know – each kit should be individual to what your particular needs are.

How do you determine those needs? Sit down and ask yourself this question – if I was at work and I could not drive my car and I needed to get myself home, what would I need between here and there? What do I anticipate I need to have? And if I were at home and had to leave in 3, 5 minute notice, what do I need to take with me that I need to have? Where am I going? If I’m at work and I need to leave work to go someplace –where am I going to? What will I need?

One of things I will cover next week is one of the affiliates I had, is I’ve always thought – I worked a long distance way on the weekends. I work on Riverside and Hampton and places farther off. If there was a major disaster, it would be very difficult for me to go home, if not impossible. Where am I gonna go? The epiphany occurred to me the other day as I was driving to work and I passed by a stage center. Being there was the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we don’t have to go home. Because wherever a stake of Zion is, that could be home, or at least some kind of support on a temporary basis.

So I’m going to go to that church and finding out all the stake centers around the place where I work. So that if there’s a major disaster happening and I can’t get home or I can’t get to my parent’s house or something like that in-between, I will go where the nearest stake center is. And so I can go over my map and go “There’s a stake center, that’s where I’m going.” And somebody will eventually someone will show up, I’m hoping – and I will be able to get some help, as my plan intended. Because I figure, in a danger emergency, somebody will be in a stake center doing something. And I’m gonna be able to find some help there, either temporary or longer if I need it.

I mean, can you imagine some brother who shows up who works in Santa Monica, showing up in San Diego? Or from another town? Let’s say he’s in Los Alamitos for business and he lives in Cincinnati – are we not gonna put him up? Of course we would. Of course we would. So that’s the plan that all of us should do. Any questions about 72 hour kits: what they are and why they’re important? I think probably, as members of the church, we all see the importance of them. No? Then let’s close with a word of prayer.


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