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LDS Emergency Resources – 3 Days Supplies pt2

LDS - 3 Days Supplies

One of the things in one of the future lessons we’re gonna talk about is exactly on what kind of things you should store. Personal information, insurance cards – take your wallet or your purse and take everything out that you think is important there, put it on a copier, press print – make a copy of every single one of those things and keep them with you. That’s important.

I have a bumper sticker in my garage that my children love to look at and it says “Never eat more than you can lift”. When you go into a 72 hour kit, you can make a kit so complex, so perfect, that you yourself cannot lift – if you have a 72 hour kit that is so large and enormous, which is so easy to do and you couldn’t carry it or couldn’t carry it for any distance, it’s not gonna serve you very well. Cause you’re gonna put it on your back, you’re gonna walk around and before you walk out the door you’re gonna go “Alright, this is out, that’s out, no more of that!”

The biggest thing we need, which is water, is also the heaviest thing to have. So you gotta have a good balance between how much you’re gonna carry versus what you plan to do. So the other thing that I always get into is “Should I buy one?” Buy a premade 72 hour kit, or should I make one? I’m in the business of selling 72 hour kits, so what do you think I’m gonna tell you? I’m not gonna tell you that you should buy one. Although I’d love it if you do buy it, you buy it from me. But a combination of both – and I’m gonna tell you why. This one is not a premade kit. This is the one that I carry in my car. Now, this backpack happens to be the backpack I carried in college. So, whatever it is, I think you should buy one – it lasted a very long time.

This is the one I have in the back of my car. And it’s not a premade pack. This one I stuffed myself. But, because I’m the business and I sell the kind of stuff that it’s stuffed with, some or all of the stuff that are in the premade pack. If you buy a premade pack, my suggestion is you get one that has enough extra rooms to put in the things that you want to put in. If you get a premade pack that is so full that you can’t put your things in it, the things you need in it, that’s not gonna serve you very well.

So make a homemade kit – you can take it, and by the way, I’m going to give a small list, I have a small list available. But if you’re looking for what you need in a 72 hour kit, I’m not gonna tell you that. I’m not gonna tell you that because what you put in it is up to you. If you were 5-6 miles from where you live, do you need to have a tent? I don’t think so. I don’t know about you, but I could make those 5-6 miles fairly easily, even in the worst of conditions, I could probably do it in less than 24 hours. I won’t need a tent.

But if you were 45-50 miles away from having some kind of shelter or otherwise, it would probably be a good idea. So I have a list of what’s good, better, best – I like to sort it out a bit for a 72 hour kit – a bottle of water that serves one from scratch. But making one from scratch can be less expensive than buying one that’s premade.

Woman: I like the buckets because I found out that with them, we had a place to sit down. The buckets with the screw on top, you can sit down. It’s hard to carry if your hands are full – you have to consider that.

Man: We had them last month, when we had last month’s demonstration. I had one of the things so I brought different things this time. But yes, you can have these things as well, they also work for sanitation purposes as well.

It’s kind of like last’s month discussion – there is no right answer, no one kit that will do it for you. Because your needs are different from my needs, are different from her needs. So, if you make one from scratch – what can you do? Well, for example, you have those food bars. You can get those food bars. I recommend them in case you need them, they carry a lot of calories in a very small area. But do you want to live 3 days on food bars? Not necessarily.

So – my favorite food? Tuna! I have a can of tuna in here and a can opener. There are also cans with openers so you don’t need a can opener, but I did not buy those. I actually have two: one is none, two is none. So I own two. I have tuna. I have jelly and I think I have of spam there as well. So I have food bars, I have a can of tuna and I have spam. Also, I like tuna because it’s packing more – it’s not gonna dry out and I actually like tuna juice.

But, something else I have in my kit that you don’t buy in any premade kit: a deck of playing cards. I figure that if I’m out on the road and I’m stranded in a very dark, dreary night – I can play a game of cards and take all of their money. There’s something to pass away the hours as you’re bored. Like I said – these are not necessarily for life’s biggest disasters – I have them and I can take them out and play Go Fish and keep the kids entertained for a while.

So getting one or making one yourself can be less expensive. But if you start getting some of the materials together and you need just one of something but you have to buy 20 to get it that could prove to be more expensive. So you kinda have to weigh it out. My judgment is if you have these things at home – got some stuff, put it in a pack – great! If not, think about buying the stuff and put it together. Or if you have some scratch, buy a premade pack and add what you need to it. Cause a premade pack comes with things you need like flashlights that will help you on your 72 hour kit.

So how much should you spend on a 72 hour kit? You can spend next to nothing – maybe your own college backpack, fill it up tuna and a couple of bottles of water, old pair of shoes, socks: how much would that cost you? Nothing! Or you can one of these – this is an expensive one – but if you’re on the internet, there are people who will sell you full backpacks up to $300 worth of stuff.

Alright, that’s a little overboard. But there’s a great quote that I like to say: If you think your dignity isn’t worth 300 dollars, you should spend a week in your pajamas in a Red Cross shelter. A real possibility, with camera crews looking all around for the most pathetic images. That could be you!

So what do you put in your kit? Well, it is as specific as where you are going. If you are going to have to evacuate your home, like ruff it in the woods – or are you going to your sister’s house? More likely, you are not going to be kicked out of your home and have to live in the mountains for 4-5 days. You won’t need the tent, sleeping bag and army knife and ear muffs. More likely – you’ll have to leave your home and visit your aunt Edna in San Diego and go live with her for a few days. So if you need a saw, a compass or a weapon in your backpack – or do you need a change of underwear and some hygiene like a toothbrush? Cause, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to share my aunt Edna’s toothbrush and I certainly don’t want to wear her underwear.


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