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LDS Emergency Preparedness

LDS Emergency Preparedness


In an ever-changing world, we may wonder where we stand in the timeline of spiritual events.  Though none of us desires the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets, it seems more apparent that, whether the Lord will come tomorrow, or a hundred years from now, we live in a day when difficulties and challenges are clearly at our door.  Whether we face disease, natural disaster, or forces in opposition to righteousness, each of us has asked, “Will I be prepared when called upon to face the fire?”  Although this question has likely come to all, not all of us have taken steps to prepare, many may be confused about how to prepare, and some would rather pretend that nothing difficult will ever come their way.


In most of our lives, there are inevitable emergencies.  Matters of health, finance, natural disasters, and infrastructure failures are areas where emergencies occur.  It’s a smart practice to list the risks that might occur in your area.  This list could range from misfortunes as simple as a cold, job changes, storms, or power outages to calamities as serious as a terminal illness, loss of a breadwinner, a major earthquake, or government debacle.  Fortunately, as your list grows in severity, it will likely decrease in probability.  This should be considered when prioritizing efforts to prepare.


Realistically, someone has faced every emergency listed above and lived.  Likewise, each of us has dealt with at least minor misfortunes.  For the common cold, we have all used facial tissue, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and extra rest.  Although the acquisition of such knowledge and resources were simple, still we had to be prepared.  Though, dealing with the common cold may be common knowledge, the methods and resources of facing any emergency are available. 


It’s possible that the major obstacle in our preparedness is of our own doing.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed by calamities, even fearful to the point of burying our heads in the sand.  Though major emergencies are more difficult to deal with, our efforts to prepare for them need not be.  Number your own list of probable emergencies in order of their likelihood, starting with “1″ being the least severe, but most likely.  Then, gather information and resources in that same order.  This will force you to look at simpler situations first and will allow you to practice methods of gathering knowledge and resources.  You’ll find, once you get to more severe emergencies, that you’re able to look at things more rationally.


In the end, the key to emergency preparedness is becoming better equipped to deal with whatever may come.  We can only do so much, but if even small efforts bring us closer to being prepared, then we will have that much more peace when storms come knocking at our door.  God knows your limitations.  The best way to accomplish anything in life is to move out onto the path toward a goal and rely on Him to help show the way.

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