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LDS Emergency Prep

LDS Emergency Prep


February 22, 2010

“What if…. Are you and your family ready?”

       To say the least, the world is a tinderbox waiting to explode today. Given economic issues here at home, wars in the Middle East, nuclear uncertainty and the list goes on; it is essential to pray for the best but to prepare for the worst. The LDS has recognized that fact and has encouraged each and every person to prepare in a variety of ways; the most important way that maybe over looked is to prepare for an immediate evacuation. The immediate evacuation could come at any time, without much warning and most likely with no time to pack or gather the appropriate items. The LDS has recognized that being prepared today is absolutely essential and has taken the appropriate steps to share with its members how to do so correctly.

       The most effective way to prepare for the here and now, the midnight evacuation or whenever it maybe sprung upon you is to create and pack a “72 hour kit.” This may seem like a concept that could be simple or even be done after an evacuation call, but if you want to provide your family with the appropriate protection for those crucial few days you must do so in advance. The correct “72 hour kit” has several key components food and water, bedding and clothing, fuel and light, equipment, personal supplies and medications, personal documents and money.

       The components of each grouping of supplies of course are obvious but there are things that need to be included that you may over look, especially in a rush. Candy can be melted down to help flavor canned food and make things a bit more desirable if you are stranded for several days. Waterproof matches and a poncho are vital if outside for days on end as well. Copies of insurance policies, scriptures, cash, and legal documents could even be lost in an unforeseen disaster. These suggestions are vital to having your LDS appropriate “72 hour kit” work effectively for you and your family to survive.

       LDS Emergency Resources a company headquartered in ________ produces such products and kits that help LDS followers prepare for the future correctly. Dennis Blancher CEO of LDS Emergency resources believes, “EXECUTIVE QUOTE AND SUMMARY OF PRODUCT (S) INSERT HERE.”

       Given the uncertainty of tomorrow, prepare today. Prepare for the future in the spirit of enlightenment, elevation and faith and for what the Lord has planned for you. Sustain your family, yourself and the Lords message today with just a few simple steps.

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