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LDS Challenge to Give – Help the Tsunami & Earthquake Victims of Japan

Challenge to Give – Japan Disaster Relief
Help Earthquake & Tsunami Victims of Japan

The Gist: to benefit the Japanese disaster victims, LDS Emergency Resources will attempt to engage the LDS world to help raise at least $100,000 – in 4 weeks.

We’ll also be helping you and your family become better prepared for disasters by following our Do-1-Thing Program.

But first things first…

On March 11, 2011 Japan experienced a catastrophic earthquake which devastated much of the country, leaving thousands dead or seriously injured. The disaster has displaced thousands without food & water, adequate cloths, shelter, etc.

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This is “Challenge to Give – Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster Relief”, an experiment to spread the importance of family emergency preparedness and disaster relief worldwide, while focusing on helping the Japanese people.

It’s simple: help others to develop the philanthropic habit and get an LDS family emergency kit. The catch? You only have 4 weeks.

It is the first time that anyone can, in five minutes, sign-up as a fundraiser and compete to raise money, becoming better prepared themselves, while helping their family become better prepared in the process.

The Challenge

To raise at least $100,000 in 4 weeks.

Launched Oct. 1, 2007, LDS Emergency Resources is the largest online LDS community focused exclusively on family preparedness and disaster relief, and you’re part of it. The countdown is 30 days, and the goal is at least $100,000.

It is your ability to spread the word, not the size of your bank account, that is most important.

How it Works

There are 3 ways to participate:

  1. Donate
  2. Join the Challenge to Give Fundraiser
  3. Spread the Word

All those who even participate in any of the ways above will automatically get:

-All of the (12) Do-1-Thing worksheets, the LDS Emergency Family Planning Guide, and a chance to get an LDS family emergency kit.

That’s right, donate or help raise even $1 and you will receive all of the above as a thank your for your efforts.

Donate Directly

Step 1: Decide that you would like to help the earthquake & Tsunami victims in Japan. (2 minutes)

Step 2: Donate to specific projects – many of which require less than $50 – and even get thank you letters from the people you impact! (2 minutes)

Or, to compete for prizes with larger sums:

Step 2: Create a personal Challenge to Give donation page, which you then show to others. (5 minutes) . create a page here (here is a sample effective page you can copy and past from to save time).

Step 3: Spread the word and you could win unreal prizes like a $300 Gift Certificate to Deseret Book, an LDS Deluxe 2-Person Survival Kit, artwork from world-famous LDS artists, and much more! (5 minutes+)

Each donation will go toward helping the Tsunami & Earthquake victims that have been affected by this disaster across Japan

Would you Like to Make a Larger Donation?

If you’d like to make a larger donation to help those in need, please donate directly at Our Donation Page

Just specify in the “Comments” section that you are a part of the Challenge to Give – Japan Disaster Relief Program. You can also mail checks directly, by contacting us.

Please include a note or specify in the memo that you are part of the Challenge to Give – Japan Disaster Relief program.

Join our Fundraiser Program

A second and more exciting way to help raise money for the disaster relief efforts is to join our Challenge to Give Fundraiser Program. We think that this will really get things moving.

Until April 11, 2011 5:00pm PST, Twenty percent (20%) of each sale generated by you or your organization will be donated to the Challenge to Give – Japan Disaster Relief program. This will help thousands of victims affected by this disaster.

For example, let’s say that because of your efforts 100 people decide to fully update their family’s emergency preparedness reserves by purchasing supplies from our online store. If each person purchases only $100 worth of preparedness supplies, that means $20 (20%) from each purchase will immediately be donated directly to the challenge (that’s a total of $1,000). If only 50 Wards caught this vision and raise only $2,000 each, we will reach our goal of $100,000.

At the end of the competition, the people who helped raise the most money will claim the prizes. Be creative. Deadline for final sale is 4/11/2011 at 5:00pm PST.

Just a Few Easy Steps to Participate

  1. Register your organization with us – individuals should join too!
  2. Following registration, our media kit will be emailed to you. You will receive a special “promo-code” to give others who wish to purchase preparedness supplies online in order to contribute to your specific fundraiser.
  3. Begin distributing materials to help promote your fundraiser! Tell and Email your family, friends, relatives, ward members, Bishop, Stake President – anyone who you think may need preparedness supplies or would like to donate to this great cause.

This is a great opportunity for families who have been meaning to get prepared themselves while also helping others during this time of need.

Prizes for Top Fundraisers:

Top Fundraiser: a 2-Person Deluxe Emergency Kit – Fully equipped to survive any disaster. (Normal Price: $100)

Top 5 Fundraisers: Essentials Car Emergency Kit (Total Value: $115)


a Basic Children’s Emergency Kit

Spread the Word – A Call for Action

There will also be a simultaneous contest going on for those who would also like to spread the word about this challenge. Don’t worry, we have something for you too.

Just do the best you can (tell your Bishop, Stake President, ward members, Facebook buddies, blog, e-mail friends & family members, FriendFeed, add to your e-mail signature, tell local media, etc.) and detail what you did in the comments below (on this post) to show others how to spread the word. Tell your friends who are members of the church and encourage them to do the same – all it takes is a simple email or phone call. You will be provided with full details about how to spread the word after you sign up. Bonus points go to people who act sooner vs. later.
Deadline is 4/11/2011 at 5:00pm PST.

If you’re able, I suggest you use a service like to get a unique URL for this post so you can track clicks on your individual link as you promote it. Click-throughs are more important than “exposure”. Here are a few links you can use: (shortened URL for this post)

Not sure of what to say? Here’s the simple version for Facebook status and other channels:

“Help Raise $100,000 in 4 Weeks for Japan – LDS Challenge to Give:”

Just get them to this post using curiosity and let the post do the convincing.

Prizes for Top Referrers:

Top Referrer: 2-Person Deluxe Emergency Kit

Second-Place Referrer: a 6 Month Membership to Essentials Children’s Emergency Kit for free .

How is $100,000 in 4 weeks possible? Isn’t that ridiculous?

It’s entirely possible. Most fundraising fails because it’s not ambitious enough to excite people. Here are a few ways we can get to $1 million and then surpass it:

50 people (or wards, friends, etc.) each help raise $2,000
100 people (or wards, friends, etc.) each help raise $1,000
1,000 people donate or help raise $100 each

It can be done.

Ready to jump in? A few minutes of your time could change the world and get you experiences money can’t buy. Check out the sign-up page here!

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