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Joy in Preparation-1

Joy in Preparation-1

Finding Joy in Preparation

The weeks leading up to Christmas are some of the busiest and most enjoyable weeks of the year. There are hours spent roaming the mall, looking for perfect gifts. Searching through basements, attics, and garages to find all of the boxes filled with Christmas decorations. Then there’s the decorating itself—putting up the tree, stringing up lights, bulbs, wreaths, tinsel, and nativity scenes.

A Christmas dinner needs to be planned and groceries bought—often while driving through some of the year’s worst weather. Presents need to be wrapped—sometimes late at night—in order to surprise the recipients.

Most of us would admit that the anticipation and preparation that goes into Christmas is almost as fun as the day itself!

After Christmas, much of the joy disappears as we start packing up our decorations—now it’s a chore. We have to dust the ornaments before packing them away, take down the lights, and put away the tree. Once again we have to carry the heavy decoration boxes down to the cellar or out to the garage.

In contrast, think of how we prepare for an emergency or a disaster—such as a house fire, earthquake, flood, tornado, or hurricane and the likes. Chances are, we wouldn’t consider emergency preparation anywhere near as fun as Christmas preparation—and we’d be right, it isn’t. In fact, it’s much the opposite.

The work comes before an emergency as we gather and organize what is needed—and the joy comes after the emergency because we were prepared.

Just like Christmas, disasters will come—we just don’t know when. Perhaps this year, some of the joy, excitement, and enthusiasm we normally spend on Christmas can be spent planning, gathering, and organizing the materials we need to survive an emergency. This year choose to make preparation fun. After all, your frame-of-mind can give you peace-of-mind!

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