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Important Home Preparedness Tips


For many years the talk of difficult times ahead has been making mainstream news. Today it is here and it the outlook is not the best. Although many people didn’t heed the call to be prepares for future difficult times, members of the LDS church where always advised to use the LDS emergency resources to get prepared for any adverse conditions. The church leaders advise members on how to prepare for disasters  and to be always ready at all times.

There will always be emergencies in life some expected and others unexpected. There may be manmade or natural disasters, general or personal financial crisis and many more adverse conditions. The idea is for a person to keep away enough food, medicine, toiletries and basic necessities that can keep them going for the next 72 hours following any kind of emergency. Ideally all what is found in the kit should be able to provide for all members of a household for atleast three days.

To make up the kit, there are many home preparedness tips given to members of the LDS church. Usually, the content of any kit should reflect the type of emergencies that a person may face in their lifetime. For example, a person leaving in a disaster prone area will do well to take into consideration all they may need when there is evacuation. The officials of the church offer resources that explain how to prepare for disasters and some even contain the top ten preparedness tips in times of emergency.

To help make up the bag members can use the LDS preparedness checklist. It is often better for a member to start with what they have and build up as they go along. The most important things are food and water. Determine the number of people in your household and estimate what each member may need in a 72 hour evacuation period. Also, as you make up the kit, always try to go back to the checklist to ensure nothing is left out..

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