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LDS Preparedness 101: How to Handle an Emergency Situation

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How to Handle an Emergency Situation
Remaining Calm during an Emergency Situation
If you are faced with an emergency situation, the most important thing that you need to remember is to stay calm. It is usually easier said then done, but panicking will accomplish nothing and may cost you valuable time. If you panic, you risk complicating an already bad situation by making it even worse, so each and every emergency situation needs to be handled calmly.

Staying Calm and Collected
When faced with an emergency situation, remaining calm and collected can have a beneficial result for everyone involved. Remaining calm will help medical personnel to respond more quickly. If you are panicking during an emergency situation, it will take longer for you to call emergency personnel and relay important information to them and they may not be able to understand what you are saying. If you remain calm you can clearly explain what first aid care sick or injured individuals might need.
Time is usually crucial when administering emergency medical care. If there is a medical situation that you cannot remedy or help, at least your quick and calm contact with a 9-1-1 operator can help medical technicians get there sooner. If you panic, you will definitely complicate an already stressful situation because people surrounding you are also likely to panic if they see you upset.
No amount of knowledge or training can adequately prepare you to handle an emergency situation. The real test of whether or not you handle the situation correctly won’t occur until you’ve actually experienced an emergency. Sometimes individuals who always assumed they would panic when faced with a crisis are able to remain calm when an emergency actually occurs.
If you want the best chance of remaining calm in an emergency situation, practice what you would do if an emergency should occur. Run drills with your family and enact different scenarios each time. What would you do if you were trapped in the basement after a tornado? What would you do if there were a flood rushing your way? How would you react if you were trapped in your home and a family member was injured or ill? By practicing different drills, you’ll be better prepared should the situation occur.
It doesn’t really matter what emergency situation you are faced with — remaining calm is always important if you want the best possible outcome. Always keep in mind that you need to remain level-headed during a crisis and that an emergency will be handled best without hysteria and excitement.
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