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How to Build an LDS 72 Hour Kit?


LDS members have always been thought for a long time now to be always ready to move in the event of an emergency or how to be self reliant when personal situations change. Although most people have branded LDS as a doomsday church, today many are beginning to see the truth in the doctrine of self reliance and preparedness promoted by the church. While Mormons have always known that being prepared was necessary many more people especially the non Mormons are just beginning to see the rationale behind knowing how to make a 72 hour kit. That is why any information that helps direct people on how to put this kit together is most often welcomed.

The first step in putting together an emergency kit is to understand the kind of situations that you are likely to face in your lifetime based on where you live. Some areas are more prone to certain types of disasters than others. After understanding the kind of emergency situation one can be faced with, it becomes necessary to make a checklist for what should go into the back.

Generally a preparedness kit should include food, water, basic necessities like toiletries and energy source, first aid and personal documents. When you have listed what needs to go into the bag, it is now time to fill up the bag. Food included in the bag should have a relative long shelf life and should be the normal food that you and others in your house are used to eating. It is not necessary to buy all the food at once though it is good if you can afford it. For those who can afford, try to buy the required quantity over time.  Also add water and first aid as well as basic toiletries.

Over time, go to your 72 hour kit and check that you have all you need. You may find that there are things that need to be added. That is why it is very important to start early.

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