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How Much Food Storage Inventory Should I Keep in my House


It is strongly recommended that one should maintain a stockpile of at least three months to go for in any situation of emergency. However, if three months seem long, the emergency kit should contain stock of essentials lasting for at least a week for all the family members in the house.

While selecting what is to be kept in the food storage inventory, you should list out the preferences and nutritional requirements of each and every family member. The daily intake of calories and right mix of minerals and vitamins in food is an essential criterion. You fill a small form giving in brief information about your family and LDS Food Storage will guide you with the best possible choices and alternatives available for storing food. The basic diet requirement of every individual should be sufficed. Besides the meats, fish and poultry, there are some innovative ways to store some vegetables and fruits in packed cans and containers.

One should certainly not forget the time-limit in which a particular food-item, grain or cereal can perish. Therefore, the amount to be added to the inventory should be such that it does not get dumped in garbage after getting spoilt. Moreover, the boxes or containers used to store food should be sealed properly without any leakage and remain free of moisture. It is also important that the emergency supplies are kept free from any encroachment by pests, insects or termites.

Although it is important to know and decide how much you should store in inventory, it is also wise to see what can be stored easily for long. The LDS Food Storage therefore, provides you with viable options to choose from various techniques and materials to be used for storage. The piling of essential commodities is a must for every home to deal with any crisis or emergency situation.

More importantly, it is never wrong to store up some extra food as you might have to help and rescue out some neighbors or relatives from the disaster. Some wretched and impoverished victims might just knock your door in times of acute crisis, and you should be prepared to offer the much-needed help. LDS Food Storage considers it necessary for every individual to stay prepared for any calamity and attempts to provide useful advice.

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