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Here it is, it’s that subject again. The one that, like family history, makes us feel uneasy, insecure, even a little afraid. Preparedness. Oh, sure there are a few preparedness nuts who do it right. They even rotate their food storage for crying out loud. And believe it or not, they actually eat the stuff. These people don’t have furniture, they have piles of number ten cans and heavy boxes filled with who knows what stacked in varied shapes and sizes draped with fabric, all over their house. And what’s more incredible is that they know what is in every stack. They keep a record. True family preparedness nuts don’t know what a bed frame is. They haven’t seen one in years. You can tell the depth of their preparedness fervor by the height of their beds. Two layers of boxes equals approximately the height of a standard bed. (Obedient). Three layers makes a bed too high to sit on without dangling your legs. (Really obedient). But the real preparedness zealots have to make a staircase (out of food storage of course) in order to actually get up in the bed. These are the people who believe that if you haven’t lost at least one toe to the ceiling fan you aren’t following the Prophet. (Tragically, will probably be translated before they ever have a chance to use any of the stuff).