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Woman: You may think you’re an expert on food storage, but you could learn a couple of things here today. Katie Kindred is here today from Shelf Reliance to talk about shelf reliance if there is an emergency. Katie, thanks for being here.

Katie: Thanks for having me!

Woman: So why did you start this company?

Katie: Well, really, it started cause I wanted to make sure that my family was prepared. You know, we hear about the tsunami and the terrorist attacks on 9/11. And even closer around here we had the flooding in St. George and a couple of chemical spills. And really, I just wanted to make sure that my family was prepared in case something like that happened. And in talking with some friends, we realized that everyone feels that way so we started Shelf Reliance to make sure that people are prepared.

Woman: Some things that I thought were interesting is when you get started, some of the things you need to think about: buying food on sale, buying the things that you normally buy because you think of some of the things you have – of course you need water. But some of the other food storage things are flower and things like that. But if you’re going to have to be eating all of these things, even in an emergency, you wanna be eating the things you like, right?

Katie: Right, you really wanna build your food storage on things that your family already eats. Because who wants to eat Lima beans for 3 months if something happens?

Woman: So how do you get started doing this?

Katie: Well, we all think about food storage but something that we sometimes forget is storing water, which is really important because you can go for a couple of weeks without food but you need water immediately. So these are some of the water source containers that we have. This one’s really big – it’ll store 55 gallons. But you can see – we recommend having this – but you can see you won’t be able to store too many of these because they take up so much space.

This one is 5 gallons and you can get any of these at but something that we recommend that saves a lot of space is a water purifier. So, with this, you can see it takes just a little bit of space, but you can really get thousands of gallons of water out of this. Just by putting in dirty water and it purifies the water for you. So we’d recommend having a variety.

Woman: Okay, so after the water, what do you need to think about?

Katie: Well, everyone knows about 72 hour kits – that’s something we all have heard of. We wanna make sure that you have something that you can just take and run if you need to.

Woman: And be covered for 72 hours.

Katie: Right. And so, some of the things you need in here are a first aid kit, food, water, flashlights. And on our website, we have a list of everything you need in a 72 hour kit if you wanna build that on your own. So at you can also buy a 72 hour kit and also buy the individual items that you need to have to put it together.

Woman: Very good idea! Okay so, once you get this kinda started, you have this really unbelievable shelf system here. For food, once you buy things and wanna keep using them – where would you put this?

Katie: Well this – like in a basement would be really good. And we have all different sizes so you can customize that to your space and to your family’s needs. But food storage is really what we deal with the most. And we wanted to come up with something that just made storage and rotating that food storage easy. So we have our food rotation system that you just load from the front, so you can put a can in on top and take it out in the front and it just rotates right around. And they’re all labeled! So you can use this in life, but then you know when you’re getting low on something and you just fill it back up. We just recommend writing it down as you take something out and then refilling it at the store. So it’s something to make food storage easy for everybody.

Woman: What a great idea! And look at how many different things you can put in here! And big cans – and look at the bottom!

Katie: The cans you get at the cannery you can fit in here and this will store up to 500 cans of food, so you can really hold a lot of stuff in this.

Woman: Okay, so how much is this?

Katie: Well, we have all different sizes and then, this is our biggest size so you can fit the most in this one. They range anywhere from $1.19 to $4.49 and for our Good Things Utah viewers, we’re gonna get our biggest discount ever where if you call in or come into our store between now and Saturday, we’ll give you $75 off any of the Food Rotation systems.

Woman: And this weekend you’ll be at the Home Shelf if people wanna see more. At the South Town Expo Center.

Katie: At the South Town Expo center, you can come down Friday and Saturday and see us there. And we have a store in Orem, just 20 seconds of the center street exit in Orem that you can come in and see us there too.

Woman: Great deal! And also, – that’s the website that you can go to if you wanna order any of this stuff and you’re gonna be back next week to talk about more stuff.

Katie: More details about food storage.

Woman: Okay, wonderful. Katie, thanks so much for coming to this show – we sure appreciate it. When we come back – Paws and Claws! We have great little animal that you need to adopt, next.

Don’t you wish organizing your food was that easy? Well, it can be now. This is Katie Kindred with Shelf Reliance – the name of the company. What is this whole thing called? And this is what people putting in their homes, in their pantries.

Katie: We have all different sizes so that’s convenient – you can put it in whatever size you need. But this is called our Food Rotation System and it just makes it really easy for families to be able to organize and rotate their food storage.

Woman: Okay, so let me ask you first: When you buy this system and you put it in your home, do you have to assemble it?

Katie: Yeah. But, to tell you, I assembled this – to show you how easy it is.

Woman: It looks really easy. But to get something this large into your pantry, you’d probably have to put it together inside the pantry. This is a really great idea. Okay, so tell me how the whole thing works.

Katie: Okay. Well the nice thing about it is that it’s front-loading. So you don’t ever have to move it once you get it assembled. You put your cans in the front and they roll back and then roll forward so that you always make sure that the oldest food is coming out first and that way nothing ever goes bad, you’re always using the oldest first.

Woman: So this particular unit is for canned goods, but you also have accessories so I can really, really organize my entire pantry.

Katie: Really, you can fit so much stuff in this! We have some side tracks that just snap right on here and you can fit cereal or anything that wouldn’t roll like a can, you can fit on there.

Woman: We can see the picture right now – and those are really easy just snap-on accessories. How popular is this? Tell me some of the feedback you’ve been getting from people.

Katie: Well, really it started because first of all, I wanted to have food storage and I wanted it to be organized and I didn’t want it to go bad. You’d hate to have to spend all this money and have it go bad. And as we’ve shown this to people, we had a great response.

Woman: So did you come up with this idea?

Katie: A couple of friends and I came up with this idea. We started just doing it for ourselves and we had so many people say “This is something I would love to have” so we started Shelf Reliance.

Woman: So, the idea that you can keep your freshest food in your forefront is really great. But this is really fantastic too – how organized everything is. So, I’m assuming that it comes with all these stickers.

Katie: They’re little magnets – you can rearrange these. You can arrange it however you like and you can customize it. It will fit any size of cans – you can see in the bottom, you can fit big number 10 cans that fit wheat and sugar or rice, or tiny little mushroom cans or tuna cans.

Woman: That was I was gonna ask you – do you adjust the height of the shelf then, you can adjust everything?

Katie: It comes in three different heights and if you use all small cans – we can give you all small tracks. And you just adjust the width as you snap in the tracks.

Woman: Is this the smallest version?

Katie: This is the biggest.

Woman: The biggest, okay. So what are the prices ranges for the racks?

Katie: They range anywhere from $1.19 to $4.49 and then, for any Good Things Utah viewers, we’re gonna give $50 off if you come in between now and Saturday – which is the grand opening. Or if you call today, we’ll give you $50 off and the free side-shelves that you saw.

Woman: Oh, you can’t beat that! Go ahead and tell people how to get a hold of you then.

Katie: Okay. You can go to our website or call 877-SHELFRELIANCE or we have a store in Orem that you can just come on in and we’re just right off the center street exit in Orem.

Woman: That’s the way you do it. And they can show you how everything fits together.

Katie: Yeah, you can come in and try it out at our grand opening. Friday and Saturday we’ll have food for everybody, so come on down.

Woman: This is such a great idea and I especially love that you and some friends got together and said “What are we gonna do with all these cans? I want it to be more organized!” and you came up with this.

Katie: It’s fun!

Woman: Good for you Katie. Thank you so much for being here. We have really good news for you too! Not only do you get the discount if you call today – is that what you said?

Katie: Between now and Saturday, you can get a discount and the free side shelves today.

Woman: Okay, so that’s a great deal! This is even better – when we come back from our commercial break, we’re gonna actually do a give-away of a rack just like this one. When we come back.


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