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Language training: Speaking a second language is not a prerequisite for serving in a foreign-speaking land. Senior couples often serve with the assistance of a translator. Senior couples do not receive language training in the MTC as full-time missionaries do. If the couple desires training in the new language the MTC will arrange weekly tutoring by telephone. It is important in the application process for the senior couple to indicate the level of interest in a second language.
Applying for a mission: For much of North America application forms are now available online at: Applying online reduces paperwork eliminates errors and simplifies the review process enabling missionaries to receive their callings earlier than the past standard process.
Total serving: Of the 53000 full-time missionaries approximately 5000 are senior couple missionaries.
Health: Senior missionaries are typically retired and in good health though their health may not be stellar. They must be able to manage health issues.
Variety of missions: Senior couples may serve in the Church Educational System as teachers of youth welfare and humanitarian service temple service family history centers mission offices historic centers or sharing the gospel by working with local priesthood leaders and members.
A weekly listing of full-time senior missionary opportunities can be found online at The listing is typically posted on meetinghouse bulletin boards.
Many skills are needed. No skill is too obscure.
It is important to state likes and dislikes strengths and weaknesses to establish applicants ability to serve. Applications go through careful review process.
Costs: Monthly costs can range from $600 to $4000. Typical monthly costs range from $1200 to $1800.

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