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LDS Preparedness 101: Five Things to Add to Your Survival Kit

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Five Things to Add to Your Survival Kit
If you don’t have these five items, you’ll want to add them to your survival kit ASAP.
Your survival kit can be your lifeline in times of an emergency. Because of that, it’s essential that you have the right items in your survival kit.
I’m Ryan Edgerton and I’m going to review five things that are absolute must-haves for any survival kit. If these items aren’t in your survival kit, you’ll want to get them in there as fast as you can.

Food and Water
Food and water should be the staple of any survival kit and if your survival kit doesn’t contain food, it’s not much of a survival kit at all. Without food and water your body can’t survive so it’s essential that you have these items on hand should tragedy strike.
Make sure that you have at least three days worth of food and water in your survival kit. Whether it be dried goods or survival food rations doesn’t matter as long as you have enough food to get you and your family through for at least three full days.
It’s easy to overlook clothing when putting together a survival kit. If you don’t have at least three days worth of clothing in your survival kit, add it now. Make sure that the clothing you pack is comfortable enough to walk in but strong enough to protect you from the elements.
Shoes are a part of this category and you’ll need to make sure that your shoes are sturdy and comfortable. You may need to walk long distances in case of an emergency and while those stylish new shoes may look great, they’re probably not the best for survival needs.
Solar Blanket
A solar blanket is a must-have item for any survival kit. It can keep you warm and will protect you from the elements if needed. While regular fabric blankets serve their purpose, a survival kit should really include a solar blanket rather than a fabric blanket.
A Flashlight
If you don’t have a flashlight in your survival kit, go out and buy one as soon as possible. Each and every survival kit should not be without a flashlight. You will also want to make sure that you have several days’ worth of batteries to power your flashlight and other electric devices.
An Emergency Radio
You’re going to need to be apprised of the situation and the only way to do that in some instances is to have an emergency radio on hand. Without an emergency radio in your survival kit you’ll be left in the dark as to where to go or whether or not it’s safe to come out from cover.

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