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LDS Preparedness 101: Five Emergency Medical Supplies You May Not Know About

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Five Emergency Medical Supplies You May Not Know About
Five emergency medical supplies that you should have in your emergency kit, but probably don’t.
So you want to be prepared for an emergency with emergency medical supplies and you think you have everything covered. How much do you want to bet there’s something you’ve left out?
I’m Rescue Worker Ryan and I’m betting that there are five emergency medical supplies that you’ve left out of your emergency medical supplies kit.

Surgical Needle and Thread
Think you won’t need these emergency medical supplies? Think again! You’d be surprised how many people need stitches in the middle of a crisis and the sad thing is, there’s not always an EMT or even a hospital ready to help.
If you really want to be prepared, you’re going to want surgical needles and thread in your emergency medical supplies kit.
Smelling Salts
While it’s not your everyday first aid product, smelling salts are more common than you may think and you’ll probably want them on hand should disaster strike.
It’s not uncommon to lose consciousness during a natural disaster or to come across someone who has. Smelling salts are handy emergency medical supplies to have on hand in these types of instances.
Chemical Ice Packs
Many times chemical ice packs are left out of emergency medical supplies kits because people automatically assume that they’ll be able to grab some ice from the fridge if they need to create an ice pack. Well what happens if the power’s been out for days and there’s no ice available anywhere? A chemical ice pack may be your only hope.
Chemical Heat Packs
While ice is necessary for some wounds, heat is necessary for others. If you don’t have a chemical heat pack in your emergency medical supplies, you may find yourself in trouble if you have no way of heating a water bottle to soothe an injury.
Prescription Medications
While your emergency medical supplies may contain Tylenol and Ibuprofen up the wazoo, you may have overlooked your prescription medications. If you take prescription medications on a regular basis, you’re going to want at least three days’ worth in your emergency medical supplies.
By ensuring that you have these five items in your emergency supplies kit, you’ll ensure that you’re prepared for almost anything.

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