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Few ways to Naturally Cure Diabetes


         The term diabetes has now become a household term in the past decade. The disease was earlier common in adults and senior citizens but now it can be found even in children aging 5 years. This shocking discovery has left doctors across the world in awe. This means diabetes can happen to anybody without any age bar. Hence it is important for us to know some home remedies to cure as well to prevent the disease affecting us, as prevention is always better than cure.

       Diabetes is caused when the pancreas does not produce adequate insulin. There are three types of diabetes:

                                 1) type1 diabetes

                                 2) type2 diabetes and

                                 3) gestational


     Children generally face type 1 diabetes.

  • Taking garlic helps regulate the blood sugar level
  • Tea made up of kidney beans can help remove toxins and other impurities from the pancreas.
  • Onions provide chromium which keeps a control on blood sugar level.

Women generally face type 2 diabetes

  • Cinnamon, apart from being a great spice, is an awesome remedy for type 2 diabetes. The blood glucose level is lowered when one consumes cinnamon.
  • Nuts are not always a sin to consume! Yes! They prove to be a boon where diabetes is concerned. It helps manage the blood sugar level.
  • The oil of salmon is now found in good medicinal products as it has the various superfood qualities. And how can one forget its role in diabetes. Salmon helps fight any of the blood sugar disorder.

        Gestational diabetes:

      It is sad that gestational diabetes also affects the baby. So instead of popping pills one can get into the habit of adding spices to their food. Also taking bitter gourd and fruits like guava and amla can help. Black coffee also helps in cutting the risk of diabetes.

 So keep sipping coffee and stay healthy and keep smiling.

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