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Family Foresight to LDS Emergency Preparedness is Most Important

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Family Foresight  to LDS Emergency Preparedness is Most Important

In today’s world there are very few things that one can be totally certain of. Keeping that theme in mind we should always be prepared for the worst. Although it all may seem like common sense, one may actually be surprised by how many homes are not prepared for an emergency or natural disaster. Recent studies have shown that only 3 in 10 single-family homes are sufficiently prepared for an emergency. This is a dangerously low number that, in the event of an actual disaster, will have horrendous consequences. So how does a family become properly prepared? Follow these three simple steps to maintain a save environment in your home. Involve the children, go over the ‘family plan’ multiple times, and essentially be prepared.

First step mentioned was to involve the children. It should come as no surprise that children are the most vulnerable individuals in a crisis. As parents, our youth look up to us, so we need to maintain a calm demeanor. Strength is a rare commodity in trying times, such as in an emergency. It is these demanding times we need to pray for guidance and remind our children that no matter what the circumstance we are never totally lost. It’s a widely accepted premise that children can sense the energy being given off by their parents. When the parents are calm, the children will follow. Age is not a discriminating factor when it comes to bodily harm during emergencies. Children should be included among all others when discussing, forming, and practicing the ‘Family safety plans’

The ‘Family safety plan’ is any order of procedures set into place to better cope with a situation that may arise.

These procedures may include but are not limited to setting up of a rendezvous point, knowing where all the safety kits are, understanding how to organize after an emergency, and finally a basic knowledge of first aid and treating any immediate injuries. Safety plans should be created by the whole family and practiced regularly. Children and adults alike should reexamine their safety plans once a month so as to keep the knowledge fresh. Periodically we also need to remember to replace certain perishable Items, such as food and medical equipment, to insure that unsullied and sanitary items remain. Always check expiration dates, and store everything in an easily accessible spot.

The common theme in all these steps is ‘be prepared’. To put it bluntly, families that have been tested and survived emergencies owe it to foresight and planning ahead. Yet another thing to be realized is all of this can in fact back used to a family’s advantage. When you go out shopping for basic supplies, bring the children. Putting together a 72 hour survival kit can also be used as an excellent time to bond and talk with the family. This step simply reiterates the two previous steps. Keep them always in the back of your mind and always be ready to call on the knowledge.

Here, presented to you is a general outline of three major ways to increase your family’s likelihood of staying safe from harm in a time of peril. Never forget that the Lord has a plan for all his children and it does us no good to question his highest judgment. Everything happens for a reason. Please stay safe, pray for our families and the families of our friends and neighbors. We live as a community and fellowship, and it is these same principals that will allow us to overcome our times of need. The last thing to be said about of this topic is a quote. “Prepare for the worst of times, live for the best of times, and make the best of everything in between.”

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