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Recounting Church relief efforts in the wake of a devastating earthquake in Peru in August of this year Elder Walter F. Gonzalez who was sustained during the opening session of conference to the Presidency of the Seventy applied the event to the lives of his listeners at the priesthood session.
Copyright IRISeated before the start of the Saturday evening session priesthood holders await instruction on their responsibilities. Conference Center was filled for the session in which the entire First Presidency traditionally speaks.
He said the local Church leaders were motivated to go out and help others because gospel principles were engraved in their lives before the earthquake engraved not with ink but with fire by the Spirit in the fleshy tablets of their hearts (see 2 Corinthians 3:3).
We dont know when or how earthquakes will hit us he said. They likely wont be literal shakings of the earth as happened in Peru but rather quakes of temptations sins or trials such as unemployment or serious sickness. Today is the time to prepare for when that type of quake comes. Today is the time to prepare not during the crisis. What are we doing today to engraven in our souls the gospel principles that will uphold us in times of adversity?
Speaking of heroes in the scriptures Elder Gonzales remarked What these great leaders did was allow the Spirit to write gospel principles in their souls. This writing doesnt happen overnight. Profoundly exposing our souls to the principles of righteousness will make a difference in our preparation for spiritual quakes. This exposure can be enhanced by pondering and by cutting off bad influences.
Elder Gonzales said eternal principles will take root as one takes time not only to read the teachings of the prophets and the scriptures but also to ponder them in the spirit of prayer.
By so doing our exposure to doctrine and its principles will continue to be enhanced if we also hearken to the Lords admonition about bad influences he said. He explained that it includes departing from those who exert a dangerous influence but also removing every bad influence including inappropriate television shows Internet sites movies literature games or music.
Elder Walter F. Gonzalez

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