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LDS Preparedness 101: Emergency Radios: What Are They Anyway?

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Emergency Radios: What Are They Anyway?
What emergency radios are and how they can help you.
So you’ve heard of emergency radios and you’re pretty sure you should have one but you’re not exactly sure what they are or what they do? Don’t worry. You don’t need to be left in the dark any longer. I’m Ryan Edgerton and I’m going to review what emergency radios are and how they can help you in an emergency situation.

What’s An Emergency Radio?
Let’s say that you’re suddenly in a disaster situation. Power isn’t available but you need to listen to the local news to see what’s going on, where you should go, when it will be safe to travel, etc. Without power, how are you going to listen to your radio?
This is where emergency radios come in. Many emergency radios are battery powered, but others operate on solar cells and some even operate on crank motion.
Added Bonuses
There are a number of emergency radios on the market ranging in price from $10 to upwards of $100. Some emergency radios don’t just play emergency broadcasts and local news. They also can act as a flashlight and a siren. Finding the emergency radio that’s right for you is just a matter of looking at what’s available, what you need and what your budget is.
Crank Radios
Out of all of the emergency radios out there, I like crank radios the best. These have internal batteries that are powered by a cranking motion. Cranking the radio up can get you about half an hour of usage depending on what model you get.
The emergency radios that use solar panels work well, but what if you’re in a situation where you can’t get to any sunlight. Battery-operated emergency radios are inexpensive and they also work well, but what happens when the batteries run out of juice?
With crank powered emergency radios, you can crank a charge to the batteries again and again, ensuring that your radio is available when you need it.
More than One
When shopping for an emergency radio, you might want to look into getting more than one. Having two emergency radios will allow you to keep one in your home and one in your car or office. Because you never know where or when disaster will strike, having two or more emergency radios will add to your ability to stay safe wherever you may be.

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