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Emergency Preparedness Information


Provident Living – Storing food is an important part of becoming self reliant. Help your family become self- reliant by beginning or improving your own storage.

Church Resources – Provident Living- Resources on the principles of spiritual and temporal welfare.

Food Storage Articles – LDS Articles for help on food storage.

Federal Emergency Management Agency – An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness. – US department of homeland security.

Food Storage Planner – The finest food storage and menu planning software on the market.

Free Food Storage Program -  Plan your family’s food storage, Keep track of your inventory, Estimate the minimum usage rate of your food storage, Budget food storage purchases.

The Epicenter – Welcome to the Emergency Preparedness
Information Center!

Survival Center – We’re here to provide news and information to help increase your chances of survival before, during, and after natural and man-made disasters of all types.

Food Storage Guide – Answers the Question:
How long can I store _________ before its quality deteriorates or it’s no longer safe to eat?

The Homemaking Cottage – Simple Self Reliance.

Emergency Preparedness Guidebook – How to prepare for any disaster.

No Doom – No Such Thing as Doomsday if You are Prepared.