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We know it’s just a matter of time. We’ve seen it on the news, in the papers – not just in theory, but in real life. While we’ve been spared in our area, sooner or later we’ll be faced with some sort of emergency. No matter what type disaster strikes, certain principles of preparation will make a difference and alleviate suffering.

If you put this DVD in your computer, you’ll be able to access documents in a .PDF and .HTML format that you can print and help in your preparation.

Red Cross experts tell us the most likely disasters in our area are: chemical spill, terrorists, earthquake leading to fires, pandemic leading to civil unrest. Depending on the sizes of the disaster, the emergency and rescue people initially go after the most critical emergencies. In a major emergency, emergency response professionals may be dealing with their own family problems. Others may be unable to get to work or to victims because roads are impassible. Typically it takes 3 days or more before people can get helped here.

For a long time now, government authorities, emergency personnel and even religious leaders have been telling us and warning us that we need to be better prepared for emergencies. At some point in our lives, we’ll face personal tragedy or even wide-spread disasters that will directly affect us. So as you review the material presented here, we invite you to make a commitment to take action to implement your own emergency preparedness plan. If you are prepared, you shall not fear.

As you begin to create your family preparedness plan, gather your household and include them in your preparations. Help them envision what could happen and then plan out steps to prepare yourselves. In fact, let’s start right now. Let’s explore some of the basic principles of preparedness and some of the steps necessary and put them in action.


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