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Elder Nelson addresses Romanian members

BUCHAREST Romania — After members and missionaries prepared aid for flood victims in southern Romania Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve visited the nation May 16 providing words of comfort and guidance.
Largest-known number of members to assemble in Romania gather in Bucharest to hear Elder Russell M. Nelson.
More than 675 members representing the largest gathering of saints in the history of Romania assembled to hear Elder Nelson who dedicated the land of Romania for the preaching of the gospel 16 years ago in February 1990.
Members who now more fully understand his role as apostle relished his return to their country.
Elder Nelson told how the Lord uses the unlikely to accomplish the impossible. He related the story of Gideon whose army was reduced by the Lord to a force of 300 which would face an army of 150000.
He shared other scriptural examples including Sarah who bore a child at age 90 Mary who gave birth to the Son of God and Joseph Smith an unlearned farm boy. The Church was organized with six members at a time when there were approximately 1143000000 people on the earth — quite an unlikely force to accomplish its divine task he said.
In a special meeting with missionaries Elder Nelson said Perhaps you dont think you or your companion amount to much but allied with the Holy Ghost as your constant companion you become a formidable force for righteousness. He admonished missionaries to leave Romania trilingual speaking English Romanian and the language of the Spirit.
Refugee girl in Manestirea stops to thank humanitarian missionaries.
President John H. Ashby of the Romania Bucharest Mission expressed appreciation for Elder Nelsons visit following the flooding. To have Elder Nelson with us was so meaningful to our members who have traveled from all parts of the country to witness and hear the words of comfort and direction from the same servant of the Lord who dedicated this wonderful country for missionary work.
Elder Nelsons grandson Elder Robert A. Irion served as an interpreter during the meeting.
Elder Nelson was accompanied by his wife Wendy Watson Nelson and Elder Wolfgang Paul of the Seventy and member of the Europe Central Area presidency and his wife Helga Klappert Paul.
Residents of Chiselt Romania help distribute second shipment from the Church.

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