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Dynamo Flashlight with Army Knife

LDS Preparedness Product Review: Dynamo Flashlight with Army Knife

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Dynamo Flashlight with Army Knife

New 3 LED dynamo winding flashlight with attached army knife. The multifunction knife can easily be detached and securely set onto the flashlight for convenience. This smart designed flashlight also contains a compass on the body of the flashlight as well as a pivoting neck for the 3 LEDs. The high efficiency dynamo system allows one minute of winding to create enough power for 1 LED to last an hour and a half or 3 LEDs to last for 30 minutes. Winding for 3 minutes will give your cell phone 2-8 minutes of talk time. This is a great tool to take camping or keep in your home or automobile. Dimensions 6.7 x 2.4 x 2.6

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