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A survival guide can be very useful especially if you live in a disaster prone area. Even those who don’t live in areas that are known for disasters or conflict might still benefit from having a survival guide. A preparedness guide can be a handy tool in learning how to live right and preparing for unforeseen circumstances. Mormons are well known for preaching the doctrine of preparedness and they have a Mormon survival guide that can be downloaded through the

To have access to the LDS preparedness manual and other LDS emergency resources, a person has to log on to the site If you are not already invited, you’d have to put in your email address and request for an invitation. To download the LDS emergency guide a person has to click on the download button and a page opens on which they are to fill in their information; mainly name, email address and number of people in their household. Some of the information asked is optional.

Generally, a person has to choose the option that best suit what they are looking for. This could be food and storage, emergency planning and survival manuals. After registering interest, a confirmation email is sent to the user’s box that they have to click to confirm that the request actually came from them. By clicking on the confirmation link, users are redirected to the website where they can click on the type of guide they are interested to download. They can then have access to download the requested file free of charge. This may sound like a very long process but it shouldn’t take more than three minutes to do on a fast connection.

There many other manuals that can be downloaded on this site. The site also has emergency supplies for sale at very affordable prices. Note that you don’t have to be a Mormon to be able to access and download all this wonderful literature.

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