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LDS Preparedness 101: Do You Recognize the 5 Warning Signs of Tornadoes?

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Do You Recognize the 5 Warning Signs of Tornadoes?
What you need to know to recognize the warning signs of tornadoes.
Tornadoes are one of natures most destructive and deadly forces. The key to surviving a tornado is getting to safety before the tornado hits. I’m Rescue Worker Ryan and I’m going to be going over the 5 early warning signs of tornadoes so you’ll know what to look for before a tornado strikes.

Warning Signs of Tornadoes #1 — Green Sky
Have you ever seen a sky get suddenly dark and greenish? That’s a sign that a tornado may be on its way. While a green sky alone doesn’t indicate that a tornado is definitely coming, it is one of the first signs that tornadoes give of their presence. If you see a green sky and you think that a tornado may be coming, you’ll want to check your local forecast and look for other signs of impending tornadoes.
Warning Signs of Tornadoes #2 — Hail
Before a tornado appears, oftentimes hail will fall from the sky. The hail is usually larger in size, but can be smaller. If it’s a warm day and hail suddenly falls from the sky, seek cover. A tornado may be on the way.
Warning Signs of Tornadoes #3 — Approaching Cloud of Debris
If you see an approaching cloud of debris, it means a tornado is on the way. Don’t wait to see a funnel. Take cover immediately. An approaching cloud of debris means that there’s little time to get to safety, so don’t wait.
Warning Signs of Tornadoes #4 — Still and Quiet
Right before a tornado, the air may go suddenly still and quiet. Oftentimes people will think that a tornado is associated with raging winds and thunder and lightening. This isn’t always the case. Many times a tornado will be precipitated by quiet and stillness.
Warning Signs of Tornados #5 — Tornado Sirens
Of course, if you hear the tornado sirens, it’s not just a sign that a tornado is on the way, it’s a definitive alarm that a tornado is coming and that you’d better take cover immediately.
If you notice one or more of the warning signs of tornadoes, it’s time to take cover. When it comes to tornadoes, it’s better to be safe than sorry and since you can’t outrun them, you’d better take cover from them.

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