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LDS Preparedness 101: Do You Make These Disaster Planning Mistakes?

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Do You Make These Disaster Planning Mistakes?
Top five disaster planning mistakes you want to avoid.
If you’ve ever approached disaster planning, chances are you might have made one of these five disaster planning mistakes. I’m Ryan Edgerton and I’m going to review the top five disaster planning mistakes that people most often make.

Disaster Planning Mistake #1 — No Copies of Vital Documents
You might be putting your vital documents in a safe place, but do you have certified copies? Without certified copies of your birth certificate, you might find yourself having a hard time proving your identity if you should lose your other forms of identification.
You’ll want to make sure that you have certified copies of your vital documents in a safe place. Preferably, you’ll have more than one copy and will keep them in separate locations.
Disaster Planning Mistake #2 — Only One Backup
So you’ve backed up your computer information and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. However, you only made one copy. What if that copy gets destroyed in a disaster? Do you have another copy somewhere else? If not, you’re making one of the most common disaster planning mistakes out there.
Make sure that you keep multiple copies of your computer backups and keep them in separate locations so you can increase your chances of having access to the information should you need it.
Disaster Planning Mistake #3 — Important Phone Numbers Left Behind
Oftentimes people will remember to take their important papers and their computer backups with them, but people frequently forget to take their important phone numbers with them.
Do you have the phone number to your insurance agency? Do you have the phone number to your doctor, your pharmacy? If you don’t have these important phone numbers listed in a secure and safe place, your disaster planning is incomplete.
Disaster Planning Mistake #4 — Account Numbers Left Behind
While you’re listing your important phone numbers, list your account numbers right along with them. If you call your insurance agent or your credit card company, they’re going to want to know your account numbers.
Disaster Planning Mistake #5 — Procrastination
It’s perhaps the worst disaster planning mistake you could make. Procrastination is the downfall of many. What happens if you procrastinate to the point where it’s too late? You don’t want to find out. Do your disaster planning before time runs out!

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