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LDS Preparedness 101: Do You Know What To Do During a Power Outage?

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Do You Know What To Do During a Power Outage?
A Power Outage Can Be a Scary Event — Be Prepared
When the power goes out, it can be quite an unnerving experience, especially if it happens during the dark hours of the night. If you want to make sure you’re prepared for whatever a power outage may throw at you, you need to have a power outage plan. Don’t have one yet? Don’t fret. I have some advice that’ll be easy to follow.

Have Flashlights On Hand
If a power outage occurs and leaves you in pitch dark, you’re going to be helpless without a flashlight. Make sure you keep at least two or three flashlights in your home at all times and make sure there are spare batteries to boot. Better yet, get those flashlights that you shake to power up — they don’t need batteries at all so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice.
Make a List
Make a list of things you need to do when the power goes out and keep it in a safe place. Then, when a power outage occurs, go to your list and start checking off the tasks as you complete them. If it’s dark, this is where your flashlight will come in handy. Without a flashlight, you won’t be able to see where you’re going let alone read a list.
Some things you need to write down on your power outage list include unplugging and turning off appliances and computers and switching off light switches except for one (this one will alert you when the power comes back on).
Things You Shouldn’t Do
While there are things you need to do during a power outage, there are also things you shouldn’t do. First and foremost, don’t use candles to light up your home – it’s a fire hazard. Also make sure you don’t open your refrigerator door unless you absolutely have to. If you open the refrigerator door, the cold air will rush out and the warm air will rush in.
Know What To Eat and What Not To Eat
If your power is out for more than a few hours and you can’t get out to a store or restaurant, you’re going to need to watch what you eat. Refrigerated food may go bad after four hours without refrigeration. Frozen foods can stay safe for up to one or two full days. Try to eat refrigerated foods first, then frozen foods, then begin consumption of the non-perishables.
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