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Learn How to Build a 72-Hour Kit

Build a 72-Hour Kit

Learn to build a premium 72-hour kit that will last a lifetime. Discover the most important items you need during a disaster when supplies are limited.

Simple and Easy Canning Secrets

Easy Canning Secrets

Simple canning tips that will make you smile. Learn to build your own long-term food storage at home using our outstanding canning techniques.

Delicious Food Storage Recipes

Food Storage Recipes

Use your long-term food storage supply to cook meals that you will actually enjoy! It’s easy to turn your food storage into delicious, gourmet dishes.

Simply the best guide to LDS emergency preparedness that I have ever seen. This is a priceless resource. Learn more…

Why Do-it-Yourself?

  • Save money while learning
  • Great FHE activity
  • Help others after you learn
  • Members are commanded to do it
  • Gain peace of mind
  • It’s fun & easy!

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