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Cyclone Larry victims heed lessons

INNISFAIL Australia — Innisfail Branch President Christopher Horsburgh hoped his congregation would never need to face a disastrous storm like Hurricane Katrina. However in the wake of Australias Cyclone Larry his members had to apply the lessons learned from their counterparts in the United States.
Courtesy Australia/New Zealand Area public affairsChurch members wearing Helping Hands vests assist with clean-up efforts after a Category 5 storm Cyclone Larry devastated rural community about 60 miles south of Cairns Australia on March 20.
Category 5 Cyclone Larry tore through the rural community of Innisfail about 62 miles south of Cairns destroying thousands of homes and devastating banana and sugar cane plantations with 180 mph winds March 20.
In the weeks after the storm Church members donned their Helping Hands vests and rallied to the most important tasks of clearing trees providing gas cooking facilities and creating and distributing personal hygiene kits.
It was from Katrina we learned the importance of being able to provide gas cooking facilities and personal hygiene kits said President Horsburgh.
An initial force of about 50 Helping Hands volunteers from the Church worked in Innisfail and the southern tablelands alongside army personnel and affected individuals. Church members worked for many days weather-proofing roofs clearing trees from roads and setting up portable power supplies.
Originally vests were required as a safety measure but with a Helping Hands logo on them they were soon found to add to our sense of unity. They have become like our team uniform said President Horsburgh.
LDS Helping Hands volunteers worked under the direction of Church leaders but coordinated their efforts with humanitarian aid organizations charitable groups and local emergency response authorities. Our members were happy to help wherever they could see a need added President Horsburgh.

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