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Seriously!  I don’t know about you but I’m really getting tired of hearing about “being prepared”, “food storage”, “emergency kits”, “savings”, “provident living” and so on. Is that why I come to church to be hammered about things that are more physical than spiritual? I mean I want to hear about miracles and wars and rumors of wars, missionary work and what ward we’re playing this weekend in basketball!  How many times do I have to be told again about being prepared? Heck, I have a bunch of friends in the ward and stake who will be willing to help us out in an emergency. Why should I worry about it so much?  I’ve got some extra food and I’m not a fan of that stuff they ask you store.  I’ve been told it’s not very tasty.  And so I’ll get to it when I can, not to mention, I really don’t have extra funds to prepare for future emergencies.  I think my faith alone will get me through.

6 months later…Things are really tough right now. The project I’ve been trying to get off the ground has been indefinitely stalled due to the economy and it could be months, maybe years before it comes to fruition.  I’ve been testing the job market, and boy is that a mountain to climb.  In the meantime, the bills still arrive on time, but we’re getting further and further behind.  My faith is being tested for sure, but I really wish I’d been more obedient and not only listened but followed the simple council to be prepared.  Times would still be tough, but I know now that the Lord knew all along what I needed in order to weather the storms of life.  It’s almost like he had a plan that included challenges and difficulties, but it also provided a way for us to overcome these things.

Of course he has plan.  What was I thinking? I forget that faith without works is not only dead, but makes the tough times, unnecessarily ten times worse.  The Lord knows His children and wants us to be prepared.

Today…So I’ve begun to repent and set things in order. I visited the church website and read the talk from Elder Hales on Provident Living and the following words turned my light back on:

The scriptures teach us, “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear” (D&C38:30). By keeping the commandments and living welfare principles, we can have the Spirit of the Lord to be with us always—to sustain us through the storms of these last days and speak peace to our souls.

That’s it, I got it. Being prepared for the storms means I’ll have the Spirit with me, speaking peace to my soul and I shall not fear, and neither will my family.  I guess I just didn’t realize that having emergency kits for my family and at least 90-days of food storage and savings really was “spiritual” after all.

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