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Church volunteers offer help in four states

Following is a summary of the Churchs response to flooding in the Midwest of the United States:
• The Church is responding to flooding in four states — Indiana Illinois Iowa and Wisconsin.
• Dozens of Church-member families are temporarily out of their homes. Approximately 20 Latter-day Saint homes are known to have sustained significant damage.
• Church members have distributed more than 26000 cleaning kits and 15000 hygiene kits in Indiana Wisconsin and Iowa in coordination with disaster response officials.
• A large number of Latter-day Saint volunteers helped with clean-up efforts in Indiana and Wisconsin the weekend of June 14. Priesthood leaders are organized for a response in Iowa when the flood waters recede.
• Missionaries and BYU students in Nauvoo worked with the Community of Christ to shore up the levee behind the Nauvoo House now owned by the Community of Christ.
• Missionaries from the Illinois Peoria Mission and the Missouri St. Louis Mission helped communities to the north and south of Nauvoo to shore up levees.
• The Bloomington Indiana Stake organized 400 volunteers on June 14 and 450 on June 15.
• The Indianapolis Indiana Stake also organized more than 400 volunteers on June 14 and 15. (Source: Welfare Services)

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