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Choosing the Right Childcare Provider for an Infant

Choosing the Right Childcare Provider for an Infant

Choosing the Right Childcare Provider for an Infant:

       It is very important to choose the right childcare provider for your infant.  Most parents find it very difficult to leave their new baby with another person while they go back to work.  With the right provider, the transition can go much smoother for both parent and child. 

       Research has shown that when choosing a childcare provider for your infant there are many key points to keep in mind.  With these 14 guidelines one of the hardest and most important decisions a parent must make will become easier.

Guideline 1: Supervision- Are all of the children being supervised properly?  Watch the providers.  Be sure that there are enough adults attending to each child’s needs.  The ratio between providers and children should be one childcare provider to two infants. 

Guideline 2: Discipline- How are the childcare providers disciplining the children?  The discipline should be positive in nature (ex. Time out) and age appropriate and fair.

Guideline 3: Hygiene: When diapering and handling germs how often do the providers wash their hands? Make note of how clean the diapering area is and how often the childcare provider washes his/her hands when handling the changing of your child.  Also watch that the childcare provider is washing their hands when handling food or after they have taken an older child to the restroom.

Guideline 4: Qualifications: Is the provider qualified to do his/her job properly?  Scrutinize the qualifications of the perspective childcare provider.  Two key questions to ask are if the provider has a Bachelor’s degree or higher in a childcare related field, and if he/she has a minimum of two years providing childcare.

Guideline 5: Staff Training: Have all of the members of the staff been trained properly?  Are the providers trained in infant CPR, Heimlich maneuver, and first aid?  Ask questions about the training the providers and staff have received prior to working with children.  Make sure that he/she understands the safety issues for different age groups and is properly trained to deal with any first aid issues.

Guideline 6: Back ground check: Have all of the childcare providers had back ground checks completed?  During the initial interview of the potential provider ask if he/she has had a background check and finger printing done.

Guideline 7: Abuse or Neglect: Can someone see all of the providers and staff at all times?  Make sure there are no “hiding spots” for the staff to mistreat your child.  This is a scary thought but it is important to consider when choosing a provider.

Guideline 8: Immunization and Medication: Has your child had all of his/her immunizations and can the facility provide documentation that the other children have as well? Does the provider keep medications out of reach of children?  Make sure that your child is up-to-date on all of his/her immunizations to reduce the risk of illness.  Also, make sure that the provider has a record of all of the other children’s immunizations.  Ask the provider if all medications are kept out of reach of the children in his/her care.

Guideline 9: Toxic Substances: Are all chemicals kept out of reach of children? Has the building been checked for hazardous substances like lead and mold?  Make sure that all precautions are being taken with cleaning products and pest control substances, and that the building has been checked for poison gas or material.

Guideline 10: Fire and Emergency Safety: Does the provider have a well planned exit strategy in case of a fire or emergency?  Make sure that there are posted exit signs and that the provider has a well mapped concise plan on how to get all of the children safely out of the building in a fire or emergency.

Although the task of finding a childcare provider for your infant can be daunting and scary, considering these 10 guidelines could help to make the decision easier and less stressful.

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