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Chiapas victims receive relief

After three years of rough flooding seasons the people from Mexicos state of Chiapas were left without homes material possessions and even family members. After a storm struck the area and with many people in need of help aid was sent and lives were blessed as the Church teamed up with other organizations to give relief.
Photo by Cesar DiazFlood victims in Chiapas the southern most state of Mexico wait for supplies sent to the flood damaged area. Hygiene kits school supplies and basic necessities were distributed.
They (the people of Chiapas) were amazed that the Church was so generous said Cesar Diaz president of Hispanos Latino Rotary Club of Utah. They were so happy.
On June 16 2008 two large trucks filled with supplies left Salt Lake City for the Mexican border in Brownsville Texas where the supplies were then transferred to three other trucks that then headed for Mexicos southern-most state of Chiapas.
Although many supplies were sent this delivery is only the beginning.
Only two of the eight planned large trucks for the people of Chiapas have been delivered with the intent of delivering the last six by the end of the year. These supplies are bringing much-needed physical help along with hope to the devastated area.
Were not only assisting with necessities but also with the morale of men and women Brother Diaz said. It brings a lot of hope for the (people of Chiapas). It reassures them that somebody cares.
The trucks contained many needed supplies including clothes hygiene kits and school supplies. All of the items transported went to Chiapas and 11 towns within the affected area. With those supplies 5000 families were helped providing assistance for around 15000 adults and children.
The need was tremendous said Brother Diaz. Every single item was distributed — not an item was left.
The humanitarian effort in Chiapas took place after much planning and collaborating. The Hispanos-Latinos Rotary Club of Salt Lake started planning the project paving the way for a successful delivery by working with the Mexican government. After hearing about the project LDS Humanitarian Services along with Distribution Services got involved as well as Judge Memorial Catholic High School in Salt Lake City.
The project will be more than just temporary relief and supplies. Instruction on water wells has already started and plans for midwifery instruction are underway. This is something that is going to have an effect for years to come Brother Diaz said.
Photo by Cesar DiazA family walks in the alley of dwellings built for flood victims in Chiapas Mexico.
Photo by Cesar DiazVolunteers stand together as representation of the Church.
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