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Navy (pronounced Nah-vee) Nuon a Cambodian refugee in Thailand smiled brightly as she acknowledged receiving a music keyboard recently from Church headquarters through the Harman Music Education Fund.
Navy Nuon
Beginning her music lessons last January the 14-year-old became the prize student of service missionary Sister Judy Caldwell whose husband Elder Ray Caldwell is the president of the only Cambodian branch in Thailand.
Navy advanced rapidly mastering each lesson. She is now the accompanist for the Cambodian Branch which is attended by 60 faithful members. As refugees their activities are fairly limited due to certain Thai regulations.
Upon receiving her own keyboard Navy immediately wrote an ecstatic letter to the providers of this unexpected gift. She exclaimed how thankful she is to be a member of the Church.
Navy has pledged herself to improve her piano expertise and plans to teach other piano students. She is grateful to her teacher who persuaded me to try and try again until I got it right.
After acknowledging the hand of God in this amazing blessing she also bore her testimony in the letter. Her letter was written in excellent English.
Navy attends the International School in Bangkok as a ninth-grader speaking fluent English and Thai and is studying French. She also enjoys classes in history and business.
Navy departed with her parents Bunnarith and Sophy and one sister Kunthea from Phnom Phen to the Cambodia-Thailand border in anticipation of a better life. At the border they lived in a refugee camp under deplorable conditions for several months waiting for the opportunity to at last cross into Thailand.
As soon as they arrived in Bangkok they were introduced to the Church and embraced the gospel. Bangkok has been their home for the last three years. Last month her 26-year-old sister Sopheap finally managed to join them and was baptized last month.

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