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LDS Food Storage – 365 Feasts

Man: Let me tell you about an epiphany that happened to me and my family. We have been minding stuff and storing stuff and keeping around food storage like you’re supposed to. And then, two years ago I taught a class in my state for all of our state leadership on the possibility – not the possibility, the probability of a pandemic. H5N1, the bird flu was going around. The US government and many other governments around the world were very concerned of the possibility of this going ramped.

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LDS Food Storage – 365 Meals


In this episode of LDS Emergency Resources, we talk about how to properly prepare and maintain a food storage. There are many elements of a food storage that often hard to understand. We attempt to help you better develop your emergency preparedness plan by helping you get a food storage.

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LDS Food Storage – Food Storage for 3 months

3 Month Food Storage

Man: The church has taught, on provident living, that you need to get a 72 hour, you need to have 72 hours. Boom! You’re done. In your house, I’m sure there’s 4-5 cans of food somewhere, a can of sardines and a little thing of pearl onions. Everyone has one, they’re required, nobody knows what to do with them. We don’t make martinis, what the heck do you use pearl onions for? But we have them. You can make scrape get-by in your house for 72 hours, okay? You’re done.

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